Thus the orHitler Youth was born.

Hitler strongly believed that the future of German was its children. And the organization "Hitler Youth", which is also known as HJ (from German "Hitlerjugend"), was a logical step for the Nazi German. The youth organization was created back in 1922, but the most productive years for "HJ" were 1933-1944, when it existed as the only one official youth organization in Germany.

This resulted in Lenk's downfall and complete removal from the entireGerman youth movement scene.

By the 1933s, there were up to 100,00 members of the youth organization. After Hitler came to power, this number increased rapidly. "Hitler Youth" was a significant part of the Nazi culture. By 1936, it was required to join the organization and the number was 4 million members already. And if during these years you could avoid the active service by paying some money, it became impossible by 1939.

The answer is simple-the Hitler Youth.

Hitler Youth members then began the practice of collecting moneyduring propaganda marches.

It hadthe theme "From Resistance to Attack" and featured inflammatoryspeeches by Berlin Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels and Hitler Youth Leader Gruber.

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The arm band included a whitehorizontal stripe to easily distinguish the young members from brownshirtedstorm troopers, the SA, who resented being confused with the youths.

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The Greater German Youth Movement under Gruber became the official youth organization of the Nazi Party and was even allowed to retaina degree of independence from the NSDAP leadership.

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The Hitler Youth
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The Edelweiss pirates
Of German Children joined the Hitler youth By 1939
Boys at 10, joined the Deutsches Jungvolk (German Young People) until the age of 13 when they transferred to the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) until the age of 18.

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Hitler’s dream of a thousand year Reich could only be accomplished through the youth, which were deemed the most important aspect of Germany's future as a powerful nation.

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The Nazis were quick to take advantage of the economic problems that the Weimar Government faced and started to market themselves as "the party that may have the solutions to Germany's many problems." After the Wall Street Crash in late 1929, the Nazis gained 107 seats...

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The edelweiss pirates, swing and jazz youth, and the white rose were all different rebel groups set up by the youths that went against the nazi principles
The white rose consisted in five close friends that went against Hitler because of the lack of freedom that his regime proposed to them.
Their main aim was to influence educated germans against nazism.
In the years 1942 to 1943 they spread anti nazi propaganda that described Hitlers regime as evil and corrupt.
The gestapo arrested them on the 18th of February, they had a trial and were executed.
It was formed by teenagers who had the desire to listen to banned american music and foreign styles of dancing.