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In the end, Heathcliff is unable to fully carry out his plan of revenge against Hareton and Cathy because they remind Heathcliff so much of Catherine and himself.

This raises the question: which Romantic Movement was most common in Wuthering Heights.


Rescuing Hareton from death, Heathcliff
recognizes that his instincts
prevented the perfect punishment
for Hindley – the death of his heir.

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This book, Wuthering Heights, proves that love is a mysterious force with intense power.

Does Heathcliff enact revenge on Catherine (E) in any way?
*When he learns that she has accepted Edgar’s marriage proposal he believes, that she should have endured ‘misery, degradation and death’ to stay with him.

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After the troubled childhood Heathcliff goes through, he becomes embittered towards the world and loses interest in everything but Catherine Earnshaw –his childhood sweetheart whom he had instantly fallen in love with.—and revenge upon anyone who had tried to keep them apart.

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Heathcliff then takes revenge upon
Hindley by, first, dispossessing Hindley of
Wuthering Heights and by denying
an education to Hareton, Hindley's son.

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Thus, Bronte focuses on the evil eye of Heathcliff's obsessive and perpetual love with Catherine, and his enduring revenge to those who forced him and Catherine apart....

Personal Essay. My view on the dominant theme of Wuthering Heights.

Late in the novel, Cathy sees this,
and tells Heathcliff that her revenge on him, no matter how miserable he makes her,is to know that he,
Heathcliff, is more miserable.

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The love-relationship of Heathcliff andCatherine, but not that of the other lovers, has become ; it expresses thepassionate longing to be whole, to give oneself unreservedly to anotherand gain a whole self or sense of identity back, to be all-in-all foreach other, so that nothing else in the world matters, and to be lovedin this way forever. This type of passion-love can be summed up in thephrase for it is insatiable,unfulfillable, and unrelenting in its demands upon both lovers.

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[Heathcliff] too liberally; and swears he will reduce him to his right place.(3.30)

Hindley started the whole revenge cycle by mistreating Heathcliff in the first place.