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Use descriptive language, metaphor, and simile to put your reader in your shoes, or mouth.

25 Funniest/Worst Analogies Ever Written in High School Essays 25 Funniest/Worst Analogies Ever Written in High School Essays many | 12-26-2006 | RW.

Worst analogies written in a high school essay.

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Worst analogies written in a high school essay

The ABABAB tetrameter sets a soothing poem, the metaphors and similes describes the woman being a unique beauty, and the tone of the poem lets the reader believe that the speaker idolizes and adores the lady being describe, causes the reader to feel the adoration the speaker has for the lady....

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Similar to decoding a secret message that isn't difficult to understand, but nevertheless tiring due to the overwhelming amount of messages, the novel is frustrating to read.

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When Chandler stops the dialogue to creates a space for Marlowe to record elements in the environment, he constructs sentences that indicate how Marlowe assimilates the information: characters perform three or more acts successively and Marlowe notices every movement, recording it at once....

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George Orwell stressed this point in his essay “Politics in the English Language” when he wrote, “Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.”