Oct 17, 2007 · Why did the Munich putsch fail

He then ordered these three high officials of the Bavarian government into a back room forced them to promise to support the Putsch against the government at gunpoint saying, "I have four shots in my pistol....

 · Hitler had thought that people would just come and join in helping them take over the putsch.

The signing of the armistice was believed to have destroyed the morale of German soldiers and was seen as a disgrace by many. Citizens felt that Germany's reputation as a strong and defensive state was withdrawn.

Despite the fact that the defeat in the First World War was not to blame on the leaders of the new Weimar Republic people still thought that Germany had been stabbed in the back. The bitterness rising between the people and the German government was recognised as a perfect opportunity for opponents. Extremist parties, i.e.

Describe why the Munich Putsch failed in 1923

At the time of the Putsch the Nazi Party was growing and had over 55,000 members.

After the Red Rising, there were many demonstrations and strikes but this never greatly threatened the government's control of Germany.
Threat 3 - The Kapp Putsch, 1920