And why are some countries so much richer than others?

Without these foundations, economic growth is much harder to achieve, and this is why many developing countries are still falling behind the western world.

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While interest in growth waned in the 1970s, the last decade and a halfhas seen a resurgence of research on why incomes rise over time, and whysome countries are richer than others. There are now a number of elegant of how technological progress drives growth. But in turning the spotlightto technology rather than to investment, Solow made the job of thesources of growth, and assessing how polices affect growth, much harder.

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Highlighting elements of geography and institutions to examine why some countries are richer than others is just one part of the thesis.

Quantifying these effects is leading growth researchers in new directions, two examples being the extensive use of firm-level data and the exploration of input-output tables, and promises to yield new insights on why some countries are so much richer than others.

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Thus, why are some countries rich while others are poor? Is it merely luck or accident of history? Is the source of the problem internal or external?

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Goods are traded on a global scale but it is difficult for poor countries to compete. Some believe the rules of trade are unfair. Rich countries can raise to stop cheap imports undercutting their own goods.

Why are some countries richer than others

2. Some countries are considered to be so much richer because they were able to make many more technical advances than those that are considered to be poorer countries. I feel like these countries that are considered poorer than today’s rich countries are destined to remain that way. Of course they will be able to close that gap and become not so poor, but it would be a very long battle for them to reach the levels of the richer countries because they are so behind right now. Any technical advances that those countries are able to make, most likely the richer countries will be growing just as fast.

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The rise of the working rich reinforces America's self-image as the land of opportunity. But, by some measures, that image is an illusion. Several new studies show parental income to be a better predictor of whether someone will be rich or poor in America than in Canada or much of Europe. In America about half of the income disparities in one generation are reflected in the next. In Canada and the Nordic countries that proportion is about a fifth.

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Technology is as much about the way tools are used as it is about the tools themselves. The way we use tools is a consequence of our institutions, which effect how we organize our activity. The earliest advances of the industrial revolution were specialization and the division of labor. These developments are not mechanical, but organizational. Institutions—businesses, governments and other organizations—are another important factor in explaining why some nations are richer than others.