Neutral theory and the evolution of ecological equivalence.

The human eye is a marvel of biology, and its immense complexity, beauty and perfection defy explanation even by the most devoted supporters of evolutionary theory, which can leave us with only the fact of God’s existence and insight: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”...

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Professor Hamilton (2012) discusses that the evolution of the human brain starts with the idea of the Triune brain, proposed by MacLean, whereby the human brain is made up of three parts: Reptilian, Paleo-mammalian, and Neo-mammalian....

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It took less time , compare to a billion years of evolution from worm to human.

I have seen a hint of the "created recently but looks older" idea on one creationist web site, but most other creationist literature insists that all the natural processes must take place over 10,000 years. So unfortunately, because some Christians have chosen this path, this is the path I must address. The theory of evolution depends on having more than 10,000 years in which to work, so the natural age of the earth is important.

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Theistic evolution is the proposition that God is in charge of the biological process called evolution. God directs and guides the unfolding of life forms over millions of years. Theistic evolution contends that there is no conflict between science and the Biblical book of Genesis.

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Still another example of convergent evolution is seen in the similar shape and coloration of fish and cetaceans, both of which have adapted to the marine environment by developing a fusiform body and neutral buoyancy (an extinct group of marine reptiles known as ichthyosaursevolved the same body plan).

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However, DNA hybridization suggested that, although Old World vultures are indeed related to raptors, New World vultures are not, but are descendents of common ancestors to storks and cranes (more recentstudies are equivocal but still support independent evolution of the two clades).

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However, countershading is actually the rule among both arthropods and vertebrates, so it is presumably an ancestral state that has been retained throughout the evolution of both groups.

Flightless birds such as the emu, ostrich, and rhea fill very similar ecological niches on different continents.

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If ratites evolved from a Gondwanan common ancestor, they would not represent evolutionary convergence but instead would constitute an example of a shared (and conserved) ancestral flightless state.

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Evolution is the adaptation an animal makes to survive in it's environment. From the beginning of life on this earth animals have been going through evolution to stop from becoming extinct. The very first animals that lived on this planet evolved from single cell organisms to multi-cell organism, they did this to keep surviving and stay one step ahead of death. Survival of the fittest is what keeps things evolving, the never-ending battle between predator and prey, to stay on the food chain or be wiped of