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Here, I will discuss the similarities and differences in the hell represented in the movie What Dreams May Come and the Inferno of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

 Richard Matheson became a new-age metaphysical expert in order to write What Dreams May Come.

What Dreams May Come:
Through the use of flashback the viewer can comprehend the imprtance of the relationship between Chris and Annie, Chris and his son and daughter.

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In both "The Inferno" and "What Dreams May Come" the most important place is hell.

And then, in 1993, he made the great "Map of the Human Heart," about the odyssey of an Eskimo boy from Alaska in the 1930s to London in the war, and from a great love affair to high adventure.
"What Dreams May Come" ends, like "The Navigator," with the characters seeking their destiny in a cathedral--but this one, like many of the film's images, is like none you have seen before.

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“What Dreams May Come” sadly propagates the New Age concept that we create our Heaven and our Hell. If, in this life, we paint a tapestry that is dark and dreary, then it will come to be. If we believe that life is sweet and precious, it will be so. We are the painters and we design the outcome. While psychologically this is correct, spiritually speaking, this is an erroneous and terribly deceitful concept. We can do all we can to ensure our place in Heaven, but unless we accept Christ as our Savior, all is in vain. There is no other way! You can be good, honest and live a wholesome life; yet, Hell awaits you unless you repent and receive Christ as your Savior. Furthermore, Christ said, “I go to prepare a place for you…” He is the master builder, not we. While we can choose our destiny, He (alone) is the creator of Heaven and of Hell.

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Since, “New Agers” believe in reincarnation, “What Dreams May Come” disseminates this philosophy with great gusto. It unashamedly discusses it throughout the movie. The truth is: there are no second chances. Either you accept Christ as your Savior now, in this lifetime, or find yourself in Hell! There are no other options!

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“What Dreams May Come” has profanity spoken at the most inappropriate times. There is some brief nudity as well. In one scene, Annie dives into the lake without any clothes on and we see just a brief glimpse of part of her bare bottom. Also, a young girl draws a stream of urine flowing from the genitals (of a classical painting) of a naked man.

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Chris expereinces hell as a result of his desperation to find his wife and save her from that place.
The sorrowful description of the section in which suicides are sent allows the reader to understand Chri's tenacious efforts to take his wife out of hell.
The darkness and chaos of the setting created anxiety and that is the exact same thing that is transmited to the viewer in "What Dreams May Come" and the reader in "The Inferno."
Through the description of the horrid places the tone of the environment is set thereby transmiting the same emotion.