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Tools for forecasting extreme weather have advanced in recent decades, but researchers and engineers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are working to enhance radars, satellites and supercomputers to further lengthen warning times for tornadoes and thunderstorms and to better determine hurricane intensity and forecast floods. If the efforts succeed, a decade from now residents will get an hour’s warning about a severe tornado, for example, giving them plenty of time to absorb the news, gather family and take shelter.

Both weather and climate are the result of the interaction of several Earth systems:

In addition to extreme weather events, other changes associated with climatechange are more gradual. Lakes and rivers generally freeze later and thawearlier than they used to, resulting in difficulties building and maintainingthe ice roads that are vital for many northern communities. Over the past 10 years,the network of ice roads in Manitoba has gone from 50 to 60 daysof usage to as low as 20 days in some years. A series of mild wintersin the central interior of the province of British Columbia has supportedthe spread of the mountain pine beetle, a very serious forest pest, resultingin the death of pine trees across millions of hectares of forests.

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(20). Outline the climatic characteristics and associated weather phenomena of the following three Koppen climate regimes Am, Af, and Aw.

It seems to me as obvious as the nose on your face: there is something causing the increase in severity of storms, droughts, hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquake-generated tsunamis, and it ain’t cow farts. Those the rings, microwave pulses, and chemtrails are on target with the geoengineering of global climate as the man-made source of ‘global climate change’ and have received the same treatment as others who have dared to tell the truth about any number of hazards that are intentionally created to do harm to citizens. Somebody wants to make money and have total control through manipulating climate. No longer a secret then, we know , , and the additional tools that are used to manipulate the human environment and into our very breathing space. While each one of these tools is dangerous in itself, the combined use of HAARP, chemtrails, and nanotechnology is wreaking havoc across America. When you artificially heat the atmosphere, change its electrical properties, and send vibrational pulses into the earth, what is unleashed is something that cannot now be controlled or predicted. Do you think God created man to manipulate everything that is fundamental to life, like water, air, soil, and plant life? The following video is one of the best to be made so far on the actual origin and mechanics of , and how it is used to modify weather although its origins had the initial intent as a part of our national defense systems. It is a long film; my advice is to take it in pieces as it is well worth the view and the graphics show you how even large earthquakes can be generated by a technology that was made to manipulate the atmosphere. And my final question after all of this is, how dare they?

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Without more detailed satellite observations, extending the range of accurate weather forecasts—especially for such extreme events as hurricanes—would be severely restricted. Monitoring weather requires two types of satellites: geostationary and polar-orbiting. Geostationary satellites, which stay fixed in one spot at an altitude of about 22,000 miles, transmit near-continuous views of the earth’s surface. Using loops of pictures taken at 15-minute intervals, forecasters can monitor rapidly growing storms or detect changes in hurricanes (but not tornadoes).

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Weather in the tropics is characterized by convective storms that develop with the intertropical convergence zone, the hot clear weather associated with the subtropical high pressure zone, and severe oceanic cyclonic storms known as hurricanes. The animation in section illustrates the seasonal movements of the intertropical convergence zone and subtropical high pressure zone. Note that areas near the equator tend to be under the influence of the intertropical convergence longer than areas further away. This phenomenon also causes regions away from the equator to experience distinct wet and dry seasons. Hurricanes are intense cyclonic storms that only develop over the tropical oceans. Atmospheric pressure at the center of these storms averages about 950 millibars. This extremely low pressure creates intense damaging winds. Hurricanes are composed of numerous bands of thunderstorms, which are produced by the release of latent heat from the condensation process. The lifespan of these storms is usually about 7 days. Most storms die when they are cutoff from their supply of latent heat energy. This occurs with landfall or when the storm moves to cooler ocean surfaces.

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In discussing how errors can accumulate over time and providing simple mathematical formulas as examples, this paper intends to show how the repetition of minor errors can affect the accuracy of weather predictions.