This caused him to be dubbed ‘The Great Emancipator’.

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States and perhaps one of the most hated presidents that ever served, this hatred for president Lincoln came from his options and actions regarding the nation’s conflict at the...

The main leaders of the abolitionist movement were Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas.

The students who accept the challenge this year are required to explain in their own words in a non-fiction essay of no more than 500 words: If Lincoln was willing to tolerate slavery in the southern states, why was he so vehemently opposed to its extension into the territories? To interpret his seemingly ambiguous position on slavery it will be necessary for students to research the president’s evolving views on slavery, as well as those of his contemporaries. To assist them, the competition packet includes background materials such as key Lincoln speeches and examples of winning essays from years past.

Abraham Lincoln was among the greatest of the presidents.

Abraham Lincoln was not unlike the typical young boy who liked to laugh and play with his friends.

Participating young eighth grade writers were asked to submit an essay of no more than 500 words explaining why President Lincoln wrote his response to “The Prayer of the Twenty Millions,” an open letter written to him in the press by abolitionist and influential editor of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley. The letter called upon the president to free the slaves as a way of weakening the confederacy. 88 students from 14 schools, representing 7 counties throughout Vermont responded by submitting their essays, from which an independent panel of judges from Vermont’s four corners selected the winners.

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In many ways the author’s main objective in the book is to destroy Lincoln’s reputation as the president who saved the Union at its time of need and fought to end slavery for equality for all Americans....

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The leaders of the Anti-Slavery Movement that helped the slaves get freedom were Abraham Lincoln who wrote the “Emancipation Proclamation”; William Lloyd Garrison was editor of an abolitionist newspaper and got people involved in what was happening to slaves...

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In his (4 March 1861), Lincoln threatened to invade any state that failed to collect federal “duties and imposts.” On 19 April, he rationalised his order to blockade Southern ports on the grounds that “the collection of the revenue cannot be effectually executed” in the states that had seceded.
A second wicked lie is that Lincoln championed natural rights and racial equality.

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Like many and perhaps most other men of his time and place, Lincoln was an unapologetic and irredeemable racist: “I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favour of the race to which I belong having the superior position.” He added “Free them [slaves] and make them politically and socially our equals?

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To Dishonest Abe, African-Americans could only be “equal” once they had been expelled from the United States.

A third myth is that Lincoln’s war saved the Union.