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I have found that the Organizational Behavior class has given me a boundless amount of information, knowledge and insight that I feel will help me to become successful in the business world.

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Another way in which an organization’s values, norms, and behavioral patterns are transmitted to employees is through (also referred to as the ). Onboarding refers to the process through which new employees learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization. If an organization can successfully socialize new employees into becoming organizational insiders, new employees will feel accepted by their peers and confident regarding their ability to perform; they will also understand and share the assumptions, norms, and values that are part of the organization’s culture. This understanding and confidence in turn translate into more effective new employees who perform better and have higher job satisfaction, stronger organizational commitment, and longer tenure within the company. Organizations engage in different activities to facilitate onboarding, such as implementing orientation programs or matching new employees with mentors.

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Thereby, culture enables employees tofunction in an organization, by teaching them how to behave.

On one side of the equation, we have your organization’s business model and strategy; on the other, we have its outputs. At the crux of this question is the role of the manager. It is through its managerial systems that a company creates outputs. Getting these systems right is critical to ensuring that the organization is working in a consistent way, and that everyone is pulling together to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization. Three factors have considerable influence over effectiveness in this regard:

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To create this type of environment management needs to understand: employee behavior; organizational culture; the need for diversity; a formal code of ethics; strong communication; and how to promote and manage change.

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The behavior of employees within and organization is called "organizational behavior." To manage organizational behavior, an organization needs to focus on hiring, maintaining, developing and utilizing the skills of their human capi...

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Where do cultures come from? Understanding this question is important in understanding how they can be changed. An organization’s culture is shaped as the organization faces external and internal challenges and learns how to deal with them. When the organization’s way of doing business provides a successful adaptation to environmental challenges and ensures success, those values are retained. These values and ways of doing business are taught to new members as way to do business.

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Organization culture “is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that influences the way employees think, feel, and behave toward each other, and toward people outside the organization” (George, & Jones, 2005, p.33)....

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There are several crucial reasons why companies should utilize the concepts of organizational behavior, as well as understand the key terms that are associated with organizational behavior.