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The impacts of natural disasters can vary widely with the type and severity of the disaster as well as with the preparedness of the affected populations.

The Regional Center for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management has been mobilized.

Blackburn, S. 2011. Governance of decentralised disaster management in Jamaica: Processes of empowerment and power-sharing across scales. Masters thesis from an MSc degree in Disasters, Adaptation & Development at King's College London, London, U.K., download the (1.9 MB in pdf).

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It is obvious that natural disasters tend to create chaos, mess, disorganization and their role is to calm people down.

Morris, K.-A.N. and M.T. Edwards. 2008. "Disaster Risk Reduction and Vulnerable Populations in Jamaica: Protecting Children within the Comprehensive Disaster Management Framework". Children, Youth and Environments, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 389-407.

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Emergency management is a comprehensive, integrated program of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation for emergencies and disasters of any kind (Pellegrin, 2012).

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Sims, H. and K. Vogelmann. 2002. "Popular Mobilization and Disaster Management in Cuba". Public Administration and Development, vol. 22, pp. 389-400.

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Department of Emergency Management
"To develop, promote and maintain a comprehensive National Disaster Management Programme which will: Educate all citizens about the various elements of Disaster Management. Create appropriate mechanisms which will promote and advance Disaster Management activities at all levels of the society. Promote and institutionalize the practice of appropriate preventative and mitigation measure for all possible hazards. Promote the development and maintenance of effective warning, response and recovery plans for all sectors of the society.

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To achieve successful disaster management on the local level, external organizations such as the government, non-profit organizations (NPOs), the academic sector and the private sector are encouraged to cooperate with the community and municipality in order to increase the capability of the community to reduce the risk and handle the damages and losses caused by disaster.

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Chin, M.W. 1997. "Possible Mitigation Strategies for Hurricanes and Earthquakes in the Caribbean". Pp. 88-95 in R. Ahmad (ed.) Natural Hazards and Hazard Management in the Greater Caribbean and Latin American, Publication No. 3, Unit for Disaster Studies, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica.