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Truman made a very successful decision, because he wanted to end the war quickly, show others that the United States had power, and the retribution of Pearl Harbor....

The Truman Show is a very good example of how virtual reality can be harmful to oneself.

Wise, J. Macgregor. "Mapping the Culture of Control: Seeing through The Truman Show." Television & New Media, Volume 3, Number 29, Pages 29 -- 47, 2002.

The author use the film The Truman Show as a vehicle to explore and discuss a concept developed by theorist Gilles Deleuze called the "society of control." The author uses Deleuze's and Foucault's ideas to map out the culture of control as prescribed in America and thus map out the culture of control within the context of the film The Truman Show. Wise is particularly interested in surveillance, discipline, product placement, the branding of everyday life, and the (hopefully) triumph of individualism. He describes these as elements indicative and necessary to modern capitalist societies. The author concurs with Deleuze and Foucault that ultimately, the fundamental purpose of cultures of control are to promote and sustain self-discipline, for subjects within the cultures of control to internalize systems of societal discipline and discipline themselves -- to self police. This is yet another author that compares life in Seahaven to life within Foucault's concept of a panopticon fully realized and designed by Jeremy Bentham. In panopticons, one disciplines oneself and one disciplines others while those who surveil all the prisoners are unseen. This is very much like how all the actors/extras in Seahaven police themselves to stay in character at all times and how Christof and those in the Moon studio are invisible to the Seahaven inhabitants. The studio monitors and surveils the whole town at all moments for the thirty years "The Truman Show" has been on the air.

"But what is meant by 'control' that differentiates it from 'discipline'? Whereas disciplinary apparatuses start over at each site, control is continuous. Whereas discipline is analogical, control is digital, consisting of inseparable variations and the proliferation of difference. Whereas discipline works by molding the subject, control works through constant modulation, continually changing from one moment to the next. Control 'undulates,' in a control society we surf (Deleuze 1995, 180). Whereas a disciplinary society works via precepts (order words), the society of control works through passwords and controlling access to information. Whereas disciplinary society is characterized by production (the factory), the control society is characterized by metaproduction (assembly and marketing). Whereas discipline focuses on the long-term, control focuses on the short-term and is rapidly shifting." (Page 32)

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The community in the Truman Show is an island where Jim Carrey plays Truman Burbank.

In the beginning of the movie, it starts off by interviewing the actors and the creator of Sea Haven, Cristof, Maryl, Truman’s ‘wife’ tells the audience that this is her life, that her life within the show, is...

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An exciting scene is the storm sequence, it showed Truman attempting
his escape plan by dodging cameras out of his home, and onto a boat
and out to sea.

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Truman is shown to be thinking of a girl written out of his life,
although Truman doesn't know, she was an actor who tried to tell
Truman the truth the truth, but was forcefully fired.

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On their first date they had gone to the beach and Sylvia had started to tell Truman the true nature of his life and how it was actually a television show; due to this she was briskly escorted out of his life with only ‘moving to Fiji’ as the explanation.

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I think The Truman Show is an excellent film, Jim Carrey carried the
film tremendously because of his superb acting and a huge amount of
emotion as the character Truman.

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The intention of this essay is to discuss both films (The Truman Show, 1998 and Rear Window, 1954) alongside established theoretical criticism (Laura Mulvey and Norman K.