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We did exploratory simulations for two types of traditional teaching models: 1) students taught in sections of roughly 40 students per section, and 2) students attending a common lecture and assigned to small discussion sections led by teaching assistants. We focus on instructor compensation because these costs comprise a substantial portion of the recurring cost of teaching and are the most straightforward to measure. We compare the current compensation costs of each of the two traditional teaching models to simulated costs of a hybrid model in which most instruction is delivered online, students attend weekly face-to-face sessions with part-time instructors, and the course is overseen by a tenure-track professor.

Now, there is a disagreement that online classes are a better way of education.

An important limitation of our study is that while we were successful in randomizing students between treatment and control groups, we could not randomize instructors in either group and thus could not control for differences in teacher quality. Instructor surveys reveal that, on average, the instructors in traditional-format sections were much more experienced than their counterparts teaching hybrid-format sections (median years of teaching experience was 20 and 5, respectively). Moreover, almost all of the instructors in the hybrid-format sections were using the CMU online course for either the first or second time, whereas many of the instructors in the traditional-format sections had taught in this mode for years.

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What comes to mind when trying to fit schooling into ones very busy schedule is online classes.

In the past few years, the concept of online or distance learning has prolonged to include a growing number of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), free higher education courses open for enrollment for any user with the internet connection regardless of the device (as most MOOCs are available to support multi-platforms).

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E-learning has been around for longer than most would realize, though it has just recently become a more popular competitor with traditional classroom learning. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages for both e-learning and classroom learning, the main deciding factor for the use of either is each individual’s personal learning style. For some, a flexible schedule, ability to work through problems on their own, and personal motivation seems desirable. E-learning would definitely be suitable for this particular individual. However, if someone prefers working in groups and interacting with other people on a regular basis, classroom learning might have a stronger appeal. Overall, the finishing product is a higher education and a more confident self.

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Comparing to traditional class, online course offers several advantages to students, which include flexibility, adaptability, accessibility and so forth (Borstorff, 2007).


Reduced instructor supervision leads to increased student autonomy, and let’s not forget that online learning is all about individualized learning. This is the leading difference and advantage of eLearning vs traditional learning. The learner experiences a one-on-one, tailored instruction that is not possible in the traditional environment. A shift from a curriculum-centered to a learner-centered environment makes eLearning a winning proposition.

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The “experience advantage,” therefore, is clearly in favor of the teachers of the traditional-format sections. The questionnaires also reveal that a number of the instructors in hybrid-format sections began with negative perceptions of online learning, which may have depressed the performance of the hybrid sections. The hybrid-format sections were somewhat smaller than the traditional-format sections, however, which may have conferred some advantage on the students randomly assigned to the hybrid format.