But don't think you can't have fun in this class.

Sect 3. About customer service and the power of consumers
Do you still patronize this shop/company?
Would you recommend them to others?
Do you think that the size of company determines the quality of service they give?
Do you think that the price of a product is as important as the service you get when buying it?
What do you think matters the most to consumers?
Do you think consumers can influence/ change a company’s policy on their services or products?
Do you think that the company will benefit from suggestions made by the consumer?

When we analyze the thesis to write an essay,I think we should know what it is required.
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Thisclass requires a lot of work so budget your time and schedule yourspeeches on days that you know you can get a lot of practice in beforethe real thing.

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What sort of challenges do you think you'd have, going on a gap year as a student?
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Part 1: Sorry but I don’t recall the exact questions
-Do you work or Study?
-Do you have a good relation with people you work with?
-what are the most applicatins you always use in your smartphone?
-what are the most useful application in your country?
-Are you thing about developing your own application?
-Is it often easy for people in your country to get the applications they want
-Do you like long flights?
-Have you travelled before by plane?

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One way to put emphasis on something in English is by adding do/does/did to affirmative sentences in the present simple and past simple. Doing this expresses a contrast or a strong feeling.

- I do like visiting big cities but I also don't mind spending some time in rural areas in the country side. (a contrast)
- I do think it is a great idea to learn something of the language of the country you’re going to. (a strong feeling)

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Besides money, yes, I think it’s another way of getting beneath the surface of the different countries’ culture. And I think by working, you more likely to coming to contact with people, which will help with your languages and also your understanding, not only of work ethos, but also the culture in general.

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Dear Mam.
First of all, I would like to thank to you for your great help.
My exam was on 11February my speaking questions
What is your name?
Are you a student or work?
Do you like children?
Some other questions then he gave a topic
Talk about an occasion when you spend time with child?
What you did ?
Part 3
Who can do good care of children mother or father?
Why do you think mother can do good rearing of there children?
Why some father do rearing of there children?
Some more questions about children
Writing task 2
In some countries smoking is ban as it is injurious to health similarly some people think that mobile phone should be ban on certain places
Do you agree to this idea?
Dear mam
I have question to ask that my risult has to come on 24 February and now it will come on 3 March why my result delay? ??????
Thanks mam in advance

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Ok Sarah. I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you'll have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. Here's some paper and a pencil, for making notes, and here's your topic.

Don't worry if I stop you , I'll let you know when the time is up.