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Faulkner’s stream of consciousness style is notoriously difficult for some readers. If you find yourself intimidated, then work up to it with one of Faulkner’s easier works such as As I Lay Dying. On the other hand, if you were brought up in the shade of the magnolias with Dixie playing in the background, but you find all the baggage that goes with it increasingly out of place, then you may discover that reading The Sound and the Fury is as easy as following the stream of your own thoughts. In my opinion it is the greatest American novel.

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"William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury," by Evelyn Scott HIS essay by Evelyn Scott, whose recent novel "The Wave" placed her among the outstanding literary figures of our time, has been printed in this form and is ...

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His films are the beautiful rendering of his own ugly fury.The greatness of Hitchcock’s artistry, the musical sublimity of his images and the emotional power of his stories, isn’t separable from his carnality—rather, his greatness depends upon the worst and most bestial aspects of his character.

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His work was so brilliant, in fact, that the good folks at the Nobel Foundation awarded him the in 1949.

The Sound and the Fury wasn’t a flash in the pan, either.

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We won’t try to outdo him: we’ll just point out that, for Sartre, the sort of playing with time that Faulkner employs in The Sound and the Fury becomes a hallmark of a new literary form.

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We don’t mean to toot Faulkner’s horn here, but lots of folks have been saying things a lot like these ever since The Sound and the Fury burst onto the scene in 1929.

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Your research will, no doubt, reference the major stream of consciousness writers – James Joyce (Ulysses), William Faulkner (The Sound and the Fury), Virginia Woolf (Mrs.

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That’s why Hitchcock’s methods—Hitchcock’s meticulous and mysterious plots, Hitchcock’s style of image-making, Hitchcock’s process of designing his movies, their images and sounds and performances, with a supremely analytical specificity and intentionality—are relevant to Hitchcock alone.