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In comparing "The Lottery" (Jackson, pg 163-170) and "The Hunger Games" (Collins, 2008) I find that both stories focus strongly on their annual rituals of sacrifice with a scapegoat.

The practice of scapegoating has followed humankind since its creation in biblical times.

The gassing hoax has succeeded in part because of the widely held, but false, belief that murder with poison gas is almost childishly easy, and quick–and even painless. That false belief has actually been fostered by official practitioners of gas executions in the US, the government itself, in order to disarm critics of the death penalty. By American law, legal executions must NOT be cruel. Even the American execution expert and holocaust revisionist F L believed that When he said that in 1988, he had never actually witnessed even one gas execution. He was a qualified expert in a field where gas executions had not been carried out for decades. It has only been in the last decade that an enormous body of evidence from actual gas executions has emerged (see the links at the bottom of this page, column left) which show that even where only one person is gassed to death, the killing process is far from easy, quick or painless. Death by gas is in fact slow, rather complicated technically and excruciatingly painful. The best results occur when the victims assist in their own executions by inhaling deeply after the poison gas enters the gas chamber. But such a claim, especially about Jews, is too absurd to be believed. See my

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The term of “scapegoat” first appears in the Christian Bible in Levictus, Chapter 16....

21st century America is a country obsessed with fear, you need only turn on any of the 24-hour news networks or to check your social media feeds to see any number of horrifying news stories and the inherent need to find someone to blame for them. Historically, the most common scapegoat for this fear is the Other. This fear has, like in Salem, created critical issues in our society, such as systematic racism, Islamophobia, and transphobia, just to name a few. Because of this, The Crucible is one of the few period plays that still feels contemporary on a global scale. Christian and moral “goodness” are catalysts for destruction in Salem; the urge to weed out the wicked and put them on display, as we know, creates a much deeper loss of morality than any supposed case of witchcraft. Deputy Governor Danforth states in the play that “I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law, and an ocean of salt tears could not melt the resolution of the statutes." This could easily come from a number of global and community leaders around the world today.

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Since 2007. the US has imposed a crippling of socialism upon itself to protect, NOT its own people generally, but a handful of the most thoroughly corrupt criminal organizations in the country: Wall Street “investment” banks and other institutions such as and Goldman-Sachs. That the most prominent of these are Jewish-dominated is no coincidence—and the response is no coincidence either. Capitalism works when it lets businesses that have mismanaged their affairs collapse. As painful as it is for shareholders, that is what makes capitalism work whenever it occurs. After such a collapse, shareholders may only get back 5 cents on the dollar of their original investments--but at least they get something back with which to invest again, perhaps more wisely, in new and better enterprises. That is the key to the success of capitalism. Collapse actually makes lots of capital available for something better. And, the people in charge of that fresh capital have learned through their pain to be much wiser and more careful also. The system cleanses itself when one has something like real capitalism. However, what is emerging in the US and elsewhere is protectionism for Wall Street kleptomaniacs and their followers whose unbounded greed and dishonesty got them into big trouble. They deserved no bailouts or sympathy, even if they were Jews. But the new reality in the US is that the crooks and their greedy followers are also enormously dominant politically--and one of the keys to their power is holocaust propaganda. Why should Jews suffer any pain at all, even if only financial pain? Who would dare begrudge the little darlings whatever they can steal after all they supposedly endured during that other holocaust under Hitler and national socialism? Bernie got sent to jail because he stole from Jews--shame on him--but the others are not even facing any kind of prosection as Lanny Breuer (Jew and Federal prosecutor) explained so nicely on Front Line.

What an ironic twist of fate that America is being destroyed today by the same people who destroyed Nazi Germany. The lies and liars that destroyed Nazi Germany are finally destroying America as well!

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