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Since the Museum's opening in 1931, the collection has grown to more than 12,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photographs, representing nearly 2,000 individual artists and providing the most complete overview of twent...

However, not all collections of photographs can be given the title of a “true” photographic essay.

Based and inspired by Susan Sontag’s book, On Photography, this essay will discuss and explore the notion of the authentic image as well as what makes for an authentic photograph....

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Photography has given everyone the chance to become an artist by capturing light.

Contribution to Anthropological Knowledge: What is the contribution to anthropological theory and/or ethnographic knowledge? Does the author make reference to and build upon broader discourses in text, photography, and/or film? Does the author show an explicitly anthropological understanding of images, text, representation, and the cultural context under consideration? Does the use of the photo-essay format allow for theoretical discussions that would otherwise be neglected?

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LECT 2 hrs, LAB 3 hrs
A beginning photography studio course emphasizing the fundamentals of photographic language, digital camera systems and creative visual problem solving. Students will become familiar with the concept of the digital darkroom using image editing photographic production tools. Course requirements may include extensive use of Blackboard and other online platforms. The current software programs used in this course are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, subject to change based on technology advancement and availability. Note: Each semester there will be a section of designated for Photography Technology majors which will require that the student own or have unrestricted access to both film and digital 35mm cameras. No point and shoot cameras are allowed in this course section.
Additional Fees: Course fee applies.

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Exhibition that presented artists who embrace "photography’s plasticity and ability to exist, sometimes uneasily, in multiple contexts." Site archive provides essays by Matthew Thompson, Anne Ellegood, and Jenelle Porter.

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This study is based on a hunch - that students of photography might gain a deeper understanding of their habits of perception and image-construction by applying drawing and print-making processes to their own photographs. It’s premised on a concern that the technologies of photography may mitigate against the development of that understanding.

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We contend that the speed of image production that the camera facilitates may short-circuit the process of ‘knowing through seeing’ inherent in slower media such as drawing. Consequently the photographic image often contains a density of immediately visible visual data that can paradoxically remain remote from students’ conscious perception.