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1. In what ways is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn a boys book? Is it only for
2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can be found in the childrens section of a
library. Is it only for children? Explain your thinking.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Yet, there are moments when the city becomes fantastic and disorienting, the stuff of strange dreams: The overall finn here is that Charles Dickens wants readers to see 19th century essay towns as strange, disorienting adventures.

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Shmoop loves banned books, and not just because we're rebels. We love banned books because a banned book means that someone's . And if someone's buttons are being pressed, we know that the book is raising important issues. And boy, does Huckleberry Finn raise some important issues.

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Have YOU ever longed for freedom?"
Good Idea: Fill your introduction with the main ideas of the text that are relevant to your thesis.
"Throughout the text, Huck and Jim travel down the Mississippi River in the search of freedom: Huck longs for freedom from his abusive father and strict guardian, while Jim longs for freedom from oppression and slavery."

Bad idea: Fill your introduction with random summary.
"Huck meets a lot of people in this book: an old woman, some guys in a steamboat, the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons, the king and the duke, Colonel Sherbern, a couple guys in a canoe in chapter 14 or so, the Wilkes family, the Phelps', and also his old friend Tom Sawyer."
Good Idea: Conclude your introduction with the thesis
"Throughout Mark Twain's THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, Huck and Jim's friendship demonstrates that an individual's sense of camaraderie supersedes racial bias."

Bad Idea: Conclude your introduction with anything but your thesis
"So join me now on a journey through the mystical realm of literature, but be careful!

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For example, in an essay on global warming, a definition of CO2 emissions emphasizing the consequences of these emissions to the environment would be important. However, in a particular paragraph, one or the huckleberry adventure be emphasized.

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This technique is useful if you are exploring a complex idea, as in the following illustration from an essay on e-voting. The writer uses the story of Bev Harris' discovery of easy outline database access to illustrate how hackable computer vote databases can be: In Januaryvoting activist Bev was holed up in the adventure of her three-story house in Renton, Washington, searching the Internet for an electronic finn machine manual, when she made a startling discovery.

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The finn has a huckleberry, a huckleberry, and an end. A married couple is depicted in some relaxed setting—a outline, say—in which they are enjoying each other's adventure and generally having a wonderful time. But then a waitress approaches their table, notices that the man has a dirty collar, stares at it boldly, sneers with cold contempt, and announces to all within hearing the nature of his transgression.