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Is marijuana less harmful than tobacco or alcohol?
The harmful effects of tobacco use and alcohol abuse on individuals and society are well known. For example, we know that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable lung cancer deaths in Canada. And we are aware that sexual assaults, domestic violence and many traffic injuries and deaths are closely linked to alcohol abuse. Marijuana is not in these categories.

Alcohol does have an effect on people that many social drinkers may not realize.

Scientists know that alcohol problems are tied to lower grades, poor attendance and increases in dropout rates. The 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA - now known as the National Survey on Drug Use and Health), a federal study, found that as rates of alcohol use by 12- to 17-year-olds increase, grade point averages decrease. Middle school students whose peers avoid using alcohol and other drugs score higher on state reading and math tests than other students.

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Alcohol is also considered a drug and it is addictive, and it has many bad effects.

You drink, so what’s the difference if I use marijuana?
As an adult I have chosen to drink in a way that is safe and responsible for me and the people I care about. I don’t feel you can use marijuana in a way that is absolutely safe and healthy. Marijuana affects short-term memory, judgment, co-ordination and driving skills. Recent studies have shown a connection between regular marijuana use and mental health problems and impact on IQ – especially for those who smoke a lot of marijuana during their teen years. Because it is a street drug, you can’t be sure exactly what is contained in a joint or how powerful the drug might be.

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Treatment for alcohol and other drug use disorders among young people has advanced considerably in the past several years. Within the next year or two, clinicians will be able to choose among a dozen therapies whose effectiveness and cost benefits have been established by research. This progress has been stimulated in part by necessity: during the 1990s, the number of young people seeking drug treatment rose by 50 percent.

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The nation's health care system doesn't identify or treat young people with alcohol and other drug use problems any better than it does adults. Because of longstanding relationships with their young patients, pediatricians and family practice physicians are ideally positioned to observe the changes in behavior and health that occur as a result of drinking and drug use. But while the American Medical Association recommends that health professionals ask their young patients about their alcohol and drug use on an annual basis, fewer than 50 percent of physicians screen these patients for this purpose.

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It is one way in which we can change the whole environment of college to make alcohol a less significant focus of social activity.” When students drink in excess, resulting in intoxication, many participate in reckless behavior, due to the effects on the brain.