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The final period for the day is a seminar class for test prep and extended study for other classes. My 31 AVID sophomores are in this class. We spend the first half of the period pre-bubbling in the test booklets for the PLAN test (a pre-ACT type test) that they will take in another week. The last part of the period, students leave to work with other teachers or to attend tutoring. I have several seniors come to my room to talk about their senior projects.

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Those wishing to make a difference in the world today will find that teaching is the way to do that.

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This year, Teachers' Day began with a school assembly in the hall where the headmaster delivered a speech. After that we our classes, not to have lessons, but to enjoy ourselves.

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The other classes gave parties too. So the teachers had to move from class to class and participate in the fun. I would think that this was quite tiring on the part of the teachers but they managed it. After all it was their day to enjoy and have fun.

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I read your column because I attended Wichita Southeast over 40 years ago. Now, out of Kansas for many years, I hear little of what goes on there. Your day sounds very busy and too full of non-teaching type activities that compete for your time. I wonder how you like block scheduling. Your classes sound like they are making good use of the 90 minute period. Kudos to your for that and for planning such diverse activities for your classes. My daughter attends 10th grade in Delaware. Many of her classes do not seem so well-filled or well-planned. It often seems to me like block scheduling provides a study hall for each class so there will be little homework. This was not the case with biology last year where performing and analyzing experiments filled the block productively, but world history was dreadfully boring. I often wonder if block scheduling will become a discarded fad or a permanent part of our education scene. Perhaps that could be a topic you address as some point.

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In an age of charter schools, home schools, No Child Left Behind, standardized testing, overstretched public schools, the battle for resources, voucher plans and evolving notions about special education and special needs, the act of teaching has never been more complicated. In Lesson Plans, a group of teachers chronicle their experiences during the first weeks of the school, offering first hand accounts of today's classroom challenges from diverse perspectives.