Different countries ranked from fastest to slowest:

The United Nations Report on the International Year of Sport and Physical Education 2005 highlights the benefits that sport can bring in building national identity, especially at the level of elite sport.

Sport can provide a positive image of the nation to the international community. Studies on specific cases have shown that sport, especially football, can positively contribute to strengthening national pride and forming a cohesive national identity.

For example, a study on the case of football in Liberia shows that football is considered ‘a “neutral” pursuit – a common cultural property unspoiled by war’. During the civil conflict, football tournaments were considered the only occasions that produced a sense of national unity.

On the other hand, sport can produce nationalist expressions that are detrimental to peace. For example, the 1956 Olympic water polo match between Hungary and the Soviet Union that took place after the Soviet invasion of Budapest led to violent clashes between the athletes.

In addition, many scholars associate the importing of modern sport into former colonies as an explicit strategy of imperialism and conquest. In this sense, it is necessary to consider both the potential dangers and benefits of sport in forming national identity.

International Journal of Sport Psychology, 18, 19-29.

Girls and young people with disabilities face additional barriers, which limit (and in many cases prevent) participation in physical education and sport in many countries.

Whilst physical education systems are vastly different across the world, a recent study conducted in 126 countries indicated that the marginalisation of physical education is near universal.

A large number of researchers are focusing on comparative studies in physical education and there have been examples of good practice, however, . This has serious implications for access to holistic and quality education for young people, particularly those living in developing countries.

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Sport brings people from different cultural backgrounds together. A professional European soccer club is made up of players from different countries. Real Madrid, a soccer club in Spain, has players from, Brazil, France, many European, African, South and Central American countries. There is no doubt that these soccer players come from diverse cultural backgrounds, however they are brought to live together as a team. During this process of living together in unity, a culturally diverse community is created where people are free to share their culture with other people. This show how powerful a sport is in promoting cultural diversity.


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