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This picture shows the situation in which all problems have been solved. In a space station high above the Indonesian island of Sulawesi elevator cars are coming and going, just like space ships which carry passengers and cargo further into space. A large rotating wheel offers accommodation for visitors who want to stay a little longer to enjoy the fantastic views.

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This may well be correct, but there is a popular misconception that quantum fluctuations explain the creation of the universe. In fact understanding the mechanism of creation of matter out of “nothing” does not help with the question why was the fluctuation itself fine tuned to select the phase space of our low entropy universe from all other possible universes? It remains true that the odds against our universe having been created at random by a quantum fluctuation or any other mechanism are as close to zero as imaginable. Ideas like multiple universes are extraordinarily unlikely to provide a solution because of the almost infinite number of alternate universes that would be necessary for our low entropy universe to emerge. It remains logical to conclude that our universe was not created at random

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Advancements in nanomaterials make lightweight solar sails and a cable for the space elevator possible.

Incidentally, Collar and Flower did mention that it would be possible for the cable to reach though they did not elaborate on this point, and were apparently unaware of earlier work in this field. For it now appears that at least half a dozen people invented the space elevator quite independently of each other, and doubtles more pioneers will emerge from time to time.

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Swan (2016), , 69, pp.240-244Refcode: 2016.69.240
Keywords: Space elevator, NASA Centennial Challenge, space elevator games, Ben Shelef, Spaceward, power beaming,

This paper provides a historical overview of the NASA Centennial Challenges relating to space elevators between 2005 and2009.

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Keywords: Space elevator, cable dynamics, carbon nanotube, climber, GEO station

Obayashi Corporation�s Space Elevator Construction Concept is one of the most comprehensive ones intended to design awhole elevator system including the configuration, the construction process, the detailed design of each component and theschedule.

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The games haveproved inspirational for further technological development of space elevator systems and have led to continued interest in suchcompetitive events in other parts of the world, notably Japan.


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Keywords: Space Elevator, Nanomaterials, High Strength Materials, Carbon Nanotubes

Construction of a space elevator requires several engineering and scientific advancements.

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Firstly, a simple model of a payload ascending or descending a conventional space elevator is developed to explore the underlying dynamics of the problem.