The Singer Solution to World Poverty

Australian philosopher Peter Singer says that where world poverty is concerned 'giving to charity' is neither charitable nor generous; it is no more than our duty and not giving would be wrong.

“The Singer Solution to World Poverty.” in The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing.

Peter Singer makes numerous assumptions within his proposal about world poverty, and they are founded on the principle that Americans spend too much money on items and services that they do not need.

The Singer Solution to World Poverty

3. What is Singer’s solution to world poverty? Do you agree or disagree?

Respond to “The Singer Solution to World Poverty.” Determine if you are in favor of his approach or against it. You may also choose to be in favor of only a part of it and against other parts. Pinpoint three major reasons for your decision. Develop a five-paragraph essay that presents your thesis in the introductory paragraph along with three major points of support that you will develop in your three body paragraphs, and then conclude with a final paragraph that echoes your thesis and brings closure to your argument. You do not need to quote or paraphrase the article excessively. Your response should focus on your argument and reasons for or against the Singer Solution. Assume your reader has read and understands the article.
Grading: Based on the effectiveness of your argument and the essay’s unity, coherence, support, sentence skills, and style. Grading will NOT be based on whether you are for or against the Singer Solution in whole or in part.

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Indeed, two philosophers, Thomas Pogge and Andrew Kuper, agree with this view that global institutions are more suited to prevent world poverty than NGOs.

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Augustine's notion that it is the duty of the individual to aid those less fortunate than themselves is expounded upon in the essay "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" by Peter Singer.