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Ian Michael Smith Simon Birch born with birth defect-- a n abnormally small heart so he didn't grow very tall.
wasn't supposed to live as long, referred to himself as a "living, walking miracle" Parents didn't care much for him
Got along very well with younger kids because they respected him for his height.
Very faithful, and spiritual child always knew God had a plan for him.
Always kind to others, but didn't like the way the church { Reverend Russell and Miss Leavy} portrayed God,
Extremely optimistic and hopeful.

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However, to those who enjoy dramas, and those will not be overly offended by the profanity, I’d recommend (though not wholeheartedly) “Simon Birch”. While not a great film, and definitely not for small kids, it is still a somewhat thought-provoking and moving drama.

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Simon Birch tells the story of Joe and Simon's heart-warming journey of friendship

Which is to say “Simon Birch” is a terrible film. Overall, it’s not too bad. The cinematography is beautiful, and the film uses music with occasional flashes of brilliance, though sometimes too intrusively. The acting is wonderful, especially Ian Michael Smith, as Simon. The movie is sometimes very funny, sometimes times heart wrenching.