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Having developed criteria that fuse the formalist and the ideological-- criteria with which I would agree--Suvin turns finally to the literature, or paraliterature, itself. He divides Victorian SF into periods--1848-1870, "The Phase of Inception"; and 1871-1885, "The Phase of Constitution. " He does not consider the period 1886-1900, but sets this as another task for himself and other scholars. I would agree with this periodization of Victorian SF on the basis of the publication record. Certainly 1871-72, with the publication of The Coming Race, The Battle of Dorking, and Erewhon, marks a point at which SF accumulates a mass sufficient to become self-referential. But I do have reservations about attributing the cause of these literary phenomena too specifically to socio-political events. In marking the shift in SF in 1871, Suvin notes as "the immediate stimuli...the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune" as well as "deeper reasons . . . in a crisis of confidence in societal values and stability which. . . began already during the economic boom of the early 1870s, predating the onset of the 1873-1896 economic depression" (p. 325). Such special pleading, especially since any moment during the Victorian era can be seen within any particular historical narrative as indicating a "crisis of confidence, " suggests the danger of creating exact relations between literary productions, particularly book-length fictions, and social change.

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Once you know which character(s) will narrate the story, you must decide how deep or distant you want the narrative to be. Deep narratives delve into the character’s mind in order to create the impression that every word is coming directly from her mind. Distant narratives pull back farther and simply observe the character’s actions, acting more like a movie camera, rather than a mind reader.

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The Night Land deals with a dying Earth. The sun has long since gone out, and the only light on Earth comes from volcanoes. All of humanity lives in one gigantic fortress. Outside the fortress lie creatures descended from humanity but twisted by the desolate atmosphere outside. While post-Apocalyptic science fiction is nothing new, this is definitely an excellent example, and like much of Hodgson's work, is bizarre and incredibly imaginative.

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Read in their chronological order, then, these entries provide a historical narrative of the development of the form--motifs, influences, sub-genres--for the years covered. One of Suvin's wisest decisions was to create not a bibliography of British writers of SF, but of SF published in England in the Victorian Age; for the 19th century, as now, SF was an international rather than a purely national literary form, although with delays in transmission between nations. The chronology indicates, for example, that Poe's Tales of Mystery, Imagination and Humour, containing much of his SF writing published in the US from 1835 on, did not appear in England until 1852. The inclusion of American and continental works also places such consummately British writers as Morris, Butler, and Jefferies within the larger swell of SF in the West and aptly demonstrates one of the major assertions of the volume, that by the early 1870s SF as a genre had reached a sufficient mass to achieve intertextuality. To cite one example, Verne's first SF translation in the UK, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, originally published in France in 1864, appeared in England in 1872, the publication year of Erewhon.

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