People take drugs because they want to, legal or illegal!

So I vote YES legalise drugs.
There seems to be a bit of an "if you can't beat them join them" here, which is a very poor excuse for doing something.

There are no standards because the trade of drugs is illegal in the first place.

In the event of legalisation, there would of course be casualties - which there are at present - perhaps the objections are political rather than humanitarian.
The debate seems to be centred around the wrong question: We should be asking WHY people take drugs and deal with the answer whence it comes - as opposed to HOW the general population could be manipulated into facilitating a political compromise, which will only serve to create the illusion of having "dealt with the problem".

Legalization is an option that should be heavily considered.

I will introduce an argument for legalization and the impact to the economy.

Should drugs be legalized? Why? Is it time to lift the prohibition on recreational drugs such as marijuana and cocaine? Can we stop drug trafficking? Vote!

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Legalising drugs is a drastic step, and one that cannot easily be reversed if it proves ill-advised, so we owe it to society to be cautious in supporting it.

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It is prohibition that makes it dangerous, as was alcohol before that was legalised.
Despite lambasting the failure of the current prohibitionist approach, Danny Kushlick offers no evidence that legalisation would solve any of the problems associated with the drug culture.

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Like most of my friends.
If drugs were legalised then we wouldn't have the problems of people dying through the dealers "cutting" drugs with harmful stuff, and each dose purchase from specialised pharmacies would be regulated, therefore, no accidental overdoses.

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Legalising drugs sounds like an easy option for the government, which should be there to protect us.
I've always felt the current drug laws are totally stupid.

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Politicians have long quarreled over what sort of action should be taken to combat the world’s drug problems, and it is time that this issue surfaces again.

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If people could buy cannabis from Dutch style coffee shops they wouldn't have to go to dealers who may offer harder drugs.
Society would come to a halt if hard drugs were legalised - insane suggestion!
Alcohol is legal and widespread; look at the problems alcohol causes.