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Health 149 focuses on the "practical tools for eating well, being active, and feeling good (including how to eat on the run, deal with difficult social eating situations, eat for optimal exercise performance, grocery shop and cook, manage stress, and evaluate popular diets and supplements)." (Barke).
Sheri has both managed how to eat healthy, and taught many people how to do the same-including me.

In contrast, eating unhealthy foods is a major “tradition” in today’s world.

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Diet, exercise and weight-loss surgeries are the most common solutions to this problem.

The team approach to treatment involves professionals with experience in eating disorders that usually includes a medical provider, mental health workers, registered dieticians and case managers....

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Always keep things in proportion, such as maybe eating a light healthy breakfast and lunch and then allowing yourself a slightly heavier food for dinner or for snack....

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At the heart of a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. Making smart food choices can help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. The good news is, eating right doesn’t have to be hard or require a special diet.

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Some people may respond with a simple, “ Not eating junk food or any oily and sugary foods.” However, others may give an in depth answer as to the true meaning of health and the exact health benefits of specific foods.

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In order to do so you must have a well-balanced/ nutritious diet, regular amounts of physical activity, avoidance of risky behavior (smoking and drugs) and having positive thoughts/attitude as well as maintaining a good social relationship with family and friends.

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By decreasing the amount of processed food you consume and increasing the amount of fresh produce you eat, and how much you exercise, you are actively improving the quality of your physical health.