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All of the elements revolving around love are part of human self-expression, and while unique to every person as a whole, each person experiences love and the feeling of love in a similar manor.

My name is Mike Polek, and this website is an adventure in Self-Expression for me.

Audrey Lorde uses her mother’s sexual identity as a foundation in developing her own sense of sexuality while struggling to express herself as a young, homosexual black woman in an extensively critical society.
Audrey Lorde paints a picture throughout this book of how her mother’s sexuality played a major role in allowing her to come to terms with her own sexual identity.

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Is writing anexpression of self, or, as TS Eliot argued, 'an escape from personality'?

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Fashion is a way to express one’s self and also a way of showing off.

Today I still have barriers connecting with people and my mind still leans in the dark. Even so, I do not let my shortcomings hold me back from achieving what I want in order to be successful, because I always have the ability to express myself. As I said before, self-expression is an intuitive path that guides us through life. In other words, its purpose is to help us as individuals to cope with the sticks and stones life will bring our way.

He thinks that a man should learn to express himself....

For example, Robert helps her express her sexuality, and she wants to make it known while he is still concerned about the social pressure that comes with that.
As Edna’s self expression grows, she leaves everyone confused about her new personality.

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The rejection leaves Edna convinced that solitude is her fate in life (121).
Edna’s discovery of self-expression brought her so much happiness and inner peace.

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