Otlet, Paul. 1934, Editiones Mundaneum Bruxelles

Paul Marie Otlet (1868 — 1944), , is not well-known in North American library circles but among information scholars in Europe he is widely-viewed as one of the pivotal figures in information science (which he uniquely called "documentation"). In fact, Otlet is considered to be one of the pioneers in information management and worked for his entire life to make recorded knowledge available to those who needed it. He developed a number of ambitious information solutions at his Institute in Brussels, including his own classification system.

Otlet, Paul. and Wouters, L.  Typo-litho D. Van Keerberghen BRUXELLES, Belgium 1930

It has always seemed to me that, though not entirely neglected, Otlet's contributions to our understanding of bibliography, documentation and what is now called information storage and retrieval, sometimes information science, andthe technical and institutional arrangements needed to maximise their social utility, have not had the attention in the English-speaking world that is their due.

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Otlet, Paul. & Wouters, L. 1930,  Typo-litho D. Van Keerberghen BRUXELLES, Belgium

Chapter 7: Content Management Page 244Paul Otlet, "The Science of Bibliography and Documentation," chapter 5 in International Organization and Dissemination of Knowledge: Selected Essays of Paul Otlet (originally published 1903), translated and edited by W.

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