The plan was devised by Alfred Von Schlieffen.

The Schlieffen Plan was the first movement that was made in the war movement, a plan devised by Germany in the hopes for a quick victory against France, and then against Russia.

Thus, the original version of the Schlieffen Plan was never fully implemented.

The Schlieffen Plan had been created to be used as the perfect tool to winning a war, unfortunately the plan had been born from the arrogance of Alfred von Schlieffen and later altered by Helmuth von Moltke....

The Schlieffen plan had at first seemed to go according to schedule.

Germany’s war plan – the Schlieffen Plan, inevitably involved France, Russia, Belgium and Britain.

The French's Plan XIV, the out of date Schlieffen plan itself, and the role of the Belgian army all were contributing factors that together resulted in the failure of Germany's Schlieffen Plan.

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Germany had been preparing for war long before 1914. In fact, Germany had started drawing up a plan for war - the Schlieffen Plan - in 1897. It took nine years to finalise, but it was based on the theory that Germany would be at war with France and Russia at the same time. It did not prepare for many of the events that occured in July and August 1914. It was based on the belief that, if the country went to war, Germany would be faced with a war on two fronts with France and Russia.

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There were a number of different aspects to the Schlieffen Plan, and all were aimed at defeating France as quickly as possible, preferably in under 6 weeks.

The Schlieffen Plan - World War I

Admittedly, Schlieffen’s successor, Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke (1848-1916), had modified plan by weakening the right wing in the west in favor of sending more troops to the east.

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Thus, the Schlieffen Plan was formulated in order to remove France from the war, and enable Germany to then quickly transport its troops to fight Russia....

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The Schlieffen plan, as it came to be known, proposed the swift defeat of France in a scythe-like maneuver through Belgium and Holland, with the goal of cutting Paris off from the sea.