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exotic petsUnique animals usually are not pets! The B.C. Wildlife Act’s Managed Alien Species (CAS) Regulation controls the possession, breeding, shipping and releasing of sure exotic animals (wild animals not native to B.C.). As the provincial government has the duty of making certain public security, the exotic animals listed in the regulation reflect solely those who pose a severe threat to human well being or security.

Many individuals who’ve sugar gliders or different unique animals buy them with out taking the time to contemplate whether they can present them with the care that they need, and no house can provide the setting that unique animals would have in nature.

These experiences mirror the findings of a brand new US-based mostly examine printed in the Journal of Applied Ecology, which found that exotic pets that start out low-cost, small and cute are the most likely to be released or escape into the wild and potentially disrupt ecosystems.

In line with the Global Invasive Species Database, which was developed in co-operation with the IUCN, the animals are thought-about an environmental pest exterior their natural vary because they compete with native turtles for food, nesting areas and basking websites.

A wildlife ecology professor at the College of Florida likened the situation to a slow-burning fuse lit to an ecological bomb.” Meanwhile, the exotic pet trade within the US makes $15 billion yearly, and people continue to buy that flashy, unique pet that sounds alluring however is severely dangerous to both them and society at large.