Romeo and Juliet takes place in the 1500s in the city of Verona.

“The deliberate construction of the play so that its action seems to lead inevitably to the catastrophe of the young lovers' deaths is known as Shakespeare's "tragic design." (Overview of Romeo and Juliet) William Shakespeare wants the audience to realize that Romeo and Juliet are destined to cross paths, hence the title of “star-crossed lovers”.

Friar Lawrence and Juliet inflicted their own wounds by not telling Romeo of their plan.

When exploring texts such as Romeo and Juliet which was written in 1596 ago we begin to realise as a society how relevant these recurring theme tend to be regardless of the vast amount of time difference these commonly known themes such as tragic love, violence and death which have all become second nature to our generations as we h...

Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet were aided in their love.

It is not merely a coincidence that Romeo and Juliet meet in the first place.

"A pair of star-crossed lovers" (I, i, 6) In the very opening of the play the chorus is singing about Romeo and Juliet, and predicts their life together as having a star-crossed conclusion....

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Romeo, not knowing that Juliet isn't officially dead, makes a big mistake, because he is oblivious, that leads himself and Juliet toward their impending doom.

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For example, instead of knowing about what the friar has in mind, Romeo is informed by Balthasar about Juliet's "death": "Her body sleeps in Capel's monument, / And her immortal part with angels lives" (V I, 19-20).

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Taking into consideration that Romeo and Juliet are predetermined to meet, love and die together, fate is clearly the dominant force for the most part of the play.

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It is also a result of fate that flaws agonize Friar Lawrence's plan which eventually leads to Romeo and Juliet's utmost and dire demise.

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Bloodshed and chaos appear inevitable in fair Verona; Romeo and Juliet come from enemy households, the Montegues and the Capulets, who have sworn to defeat one another.

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Despite the fact that they were born into feuding families, Romeo can't help but love Juliet because he already loves her before he discovers her true identity as a Capulet.