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Richard Rodriguez-“The Achievement of Desire who would take care of little Richard?

1. In "The Achievement of Desire," Richard Rodriguez tells stories of home but also stories of reading, of moments when things he read allowed him a way of reconsidering or revising the stories he would tell himself about himself. It is a very particular account of neighborhood, family, ethnicity, and schooling.

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Richard Rodriguez hid behind Hoggart's definition of a scholarship boy and used all of the problems that it created to explain the problems in his own life. Hoggart wrote that the scholarship boy "feels himself weighted with knowledge of his own and [his class'] situation, which hereafter forbids him the simpler pleasures of his mother and father" (Hoggart 246). Rodriguez included this quote in his essay and writes about his own life. "My parents and I sat in the kitchen for a conversation. But, lacking the same words to develop our sentences and to shape our interests, what was there to say?" (Rodriguez 630). Rodriguez's education pushed him away from his parents, just as the education of Hoggart's scholarship boys moved them away from theirs. Rodriguez might not have had the courage as a writer to admit such a problem in his life if he had not read about other people with the same problems. Because he read that there were other people like him, he was able to write about himself more openly.

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1.) According to Rodriguez who does affirmative action help?
2.) How do Rodriguez's parent see themselves in American Society?
3.) How did Richard Rodriguez cope with the daily changes in his lifestyle?
Hoggart's: "Scholarship Boy"
Richard Hoggart created the term "scholarship boy" which states that it's someone who describes themselves as a person who constantly struggles with balancing family and education.

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The simple fact that Richard Rodriguez stumbled upon Hoggart's definition of a scholarship boy is somewhat remarkable and helps to show how he is an example of one. The Uses of Literacy is not a widely read book. I had to travel deep within the stacks of the library here at the University of Miami to find it. The check out card still had due dates on it from 1963. Within the book itself, the chapter, "Scholarship Boy," does not fall until near the end (it starts on page 238). And, the rest of the book did not discuss educational issues; it spoke of how mass media was affecting the working class of England. Rodriguez told us in his essay, "for weeks I read, speed-read, books by modern educational theorists, only to find infrequent and slight mention of students like me... Then one day, leafing through Richard Hoggart's The Uses of Literacy, I found, in his description of the scholarship boy, myself" (Rodriguez 623). How many books had Rodriguez read before he reached the passage that he was looking for? Certainly, it had to be quite a few if it took him weeks of reading. The simple fact that Rodriguez found the book and then read all the way through it before finding what he was looking for shows how Rodriguez is an example of a scholarship boy. The realization that he was defined by Hoggart's writing led Rodriguez to more openly describe himself in his own writing.

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Achievement of Desire, written by Richard Rodriguez, is a autobiographical text illustrating
the common difficulties risen in the lifestyle of poor minorities.

Rodriguez expresses his struggles to balance between education and family relations

He is told that the idea to learn is to read and visa versa

Rodriguez inquires if education is learned individually, or in a classroom of students

Education is ineffective unless the subject personally relates and understands the information given

True academic growth is achieved through personal interest and desire

Inherently, all information is obtained by oneself, because we all have our own thoughts and ways of absorbing information.