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Respectful journalism is constantly mindful that those individuals whom the journalist covers and critiques are made in the image of God (Gn 1:26-27; Jas 3:9). Even those who are guilty of gross misconduct are to be treated as a committed Christian would wish to be treated (Lk 6:31). The journalist’s responsibility to report wrongdoing accurately and vigorously does not annul the law of love toward neighbors and enemies (Lv 19:17-18; Mt 5:44; Lk 10:36-37; Rom 12:9-10; Jas 2:8; 1 Jn 4:20-21). This does not mean we approve of evil, but we write of evildoers with the prayer that the exposure of their sin will lead to their correction and repentance—and we never cease to desire good for their souls. Thus, all are always to be accorded “proper respect” (1 Pt 2:17).

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However, what people don't realize is that in the beginning this was not the case and even in today's society journalists are making a solid effort to fight that stereotype that so many bad journalists have left.

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The comprehensibility of a newspaper article will be much greater than a research journal article written by a scientist.

Consider using contrasting examples of coverage of the same issue to highlight differences between journalistic practices that are ethically responsible and irresponsible. You may use case studies from any of the assigned chapters of Media Ethics, or you may conduct external research using popular news sources, issues, and coverage.

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Proper respect for secular authorities established by God (Rom 13:1-7; 1 Pt 2:13-17) may actually be less difficult for us than respect for fellow believers with whom we strongly disagree. We typically save our greatest rage for those we consider enemies within the camp. Church-related journalism—what we might identify as ecclesiastical journalism—creates specific challenges for us that the secular journalist does not face. For instance, how do we deal with those leaders among the covenant people whom Jesus was willing to call whitewashed tombs (Mt 23:27) and whom Paul would label as waterless springs and muddy pigs (2 Pt 2:17, 22)?

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For example, the first actual account of sports journalism dates back to 850 B.C.E when Homer recorded what seemed to be the first ever wrestling match (New World Encyclopedia)....

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I recognize that saying journalism should be edifying is a little like saying Tabasco sauce should be sweet. When our society’s journalistic tastes are accustomed to spice, we do not relish news that fails to burn somebody. I still want to affirm that for secular and Christian journalists the purpose of news is to expose to view what must be known to protect the public interest. By publishing reports of wrongdoing a free press in a democratic society keeps in check those who would abuse their power or freedoms. This understanding of the purpose of a free press, however, does not annul the requirement for edification, but rather underscores it.

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The compartmentalization of life that excuses living by one set of principles in one sphere of life and another set of principles in another is the very approach to life that the Bible condemns. Christ is Lord over the whole of life (Phil 2:9-11). As the psalmist writes, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Ps 24:1). The principles that govern how we treat fellow believers in the church and in our homes do not disappear simply because we move to the publishing sector.