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A teacher instructs students in subjects such as science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, art, and music, and then helps them apply those concepts. Teachers work in public or private elementary schools, , and high schools. Those working in middle and high schools usually specialize in teaching one subject. Special education teachers, who work with students who have special needs, are not included in this profile.

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Being a student teacher will provide you plenty of opportunities to work with students from diverse backgrounds who have diverse needs and interests. You should be prepared to recognize and address the issues that your students and their community, home, school, and classroom contexts present, whether in learning about other cultures or selecting classroom materials. Supporting inclusive education and honoring diversity requires purposeful differentiation, including adaptations for children who learn in different ways, at different rates, with different supports, and/or who demonstrate their knowledge and skills in different ways.

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A large part of your performance, as with all teaching, is contingent on effective and detailed planning for your classes. Therefore, it is necessary that you have lessons prepared and submitted to your coach prior to the observation. In preparing lesson plans for your coach and for review by your seminar instructor to include in your portfolio, follow Temple’s Lesson Planning Framework. which requires you to explain your thinking and reflect on your practice. At other times, when co-planning with your cooperating teacher or preparing lessons for your principal, follow the lesson planning template used in your school or by your cooperating teacher.

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The administration that took office in 2003 reversed course. Premier Dalton McGuinty took the view that he was not going to get the kind of student performance he was looking for if he did not have the trust and confidence of the teachers, and he would never gain their trust by continuing the war that the previous administration had begun. He and his top aides spent a lot of time to talking with teachers in classrooms and school lunchrooms. They brought teachers and their unions to the table for discussions of education reform strategy and won their trust by listening hard to what the teachers had to say and then providing the needed support. The reform strategy that they adopted assumed that teachers wanted to do the right thing but lacked the capacity to do it. So the McGuinty government focused on building that capacity. By trading trust for manifest distrust, the McGuinty government laid the base for the collaborative relationship with teachers and their unions that it saw as the prerequisite for improving student performance.

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Teachers know that if they lose their unions during a fiscal crisis, they will have no protection at all as long as state and local officials face enormous pressure to cut teaching jobs, compensation, and benefits. A determined, widespread effort to weaken or destroy the institution teachers are counting on to protect them economically will force them into retirement or to hunker down and wait in brooding resentment for a change in the political weather.

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My explains the situations and questions I was presented with during my first days at my student teaching placement. I asked several questions during those first few days so I could figure out how things worked. I was then able to compare and contrast this experience with others that I have had.