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As a teenager, you may be dealing with lots of emotional highs and lows. One minute you might feel great, the next you feel sad and tearful. This kind of shift in your moods is okay!

Your life is changing, just like your body. These mood swings are not just hormones – you may be feeling a lot more pressure these days, and you are still developing the skills you need to deal with that pressure. You may be facing added responsibilities at home, tougher grading policies in school, and your friends may be changing.

As you grow older you will develop the skills you need to manage stress, but for now, just remember you are in a tough spot and need all the support you can get. Reach out to adults and friends – there is always someone there who cares for you. This section is devoted to issues involving emotions and relationships.

Teenagers may often be tempted by friends, or being tempted by seeing other people using drugs.

All entries must include the completed entry form and must comply with all contest rules. While federal law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities we still face barriers every day. Check your community - search, watch, listen - for barriers such as: physical barriers (no ramps, no curb cuts), communication barriers (no Braille signage, no sign language interpreter), and attitudinal barriers (avoiding, not looking in the eyes of, or not talking directly to people with disabilities). Interview people with disabilities (including hidden disabilities like learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.) about the improvements made and the barriers that still exist. The essay topic this year is:

Responsibilities of a teenager essay

After school jobs seem to help teenagers learn responsibilities and appreciate the value of hard work and the money that follows....

I believe it is crucially important to educate both my peers and elementary age children about the importance of People First Language. The greatest strides for change often occur when children learn belief systems that respect and include everyone. I have had the opportunity to go into elementary and middle school classrooms to teach students about People First Language and the importance of putting the person before the disability. I was fortunate to request and receive interactive brochures from the Developmental Disabilities Council that promote the use of People First Language to hand out in my community. When those were depleted, I developed my own interactive presentation about the use of People First Language that definitely kept the interest of the classroom. As I left, I always gave every student one of the, "Defy Disability: Put People First," awareness wristbands. I have discovered that these wristbands are very effective in not only promoting people first language, but also provide the opportunity for continued education about People First Language. I have distributed over 1000 wristbands while promoting the use of People First Language and know that they have led to conversations with those who see them.

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Title II - Public Entities
With the ADA, every school district, city, county and state had to make all of their services available to the disabled. Whether special testing opportunities in schools for those with reading or developmental deficiencies, equipping school and public buses with wheelchair ramps, making public housing available to everyone, or modifying their streets and sidewalks, the ADA has made significant changes in the world of the disabled. Today, crosswalks are equipped with not only blinking lights, but beeping traffic indicators and voice street directions. Changes have also come to city and state parks. Trails and special parking access has been added to allow those with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors as never before. Our communities are a different place.

He enjoyed his down time while overseas

In conclusion, those are my beliefs that teens should go out when they feel like it and have a chance to make decisions about their life. I know I could be wrong about teens needing more freedom and rights, but those are my beliefs because this is what my parents made me believe for always trying to make decisions for me and for trying to prevent me from doing stuff. So the only reason I’ve done so many bad things in my life is because my parents want me to be an angel when really I’m not. But if my beliefs were for real I probably wouldn’t be this messed up.

He enjoys more stories of these times, than of the war

I believe that teens should have more rights than they are given. I think that if teens had more freedom they would get a chance to learn from their mistakes and they could be ready for the real world. They could be more prepared for challenging things. I believe that teens should go out when they feel like it and have a chance to make their own decisions about their life.