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Slavery, as Abraham Lincoln often noted, was the root cause of the Civil War. Tensions over slavery dated back to the contradictory nature of the American Revolution of 1776 that resulted in a republic simultaneously committed to freedom for whites and bondage for blacks (Barney W., p. 61). Within years North and South reached the point at which compromise was not possible. At that time Civil War had been started.

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The declaration of secession presented a significant challenge for Lincoln’s presidency; as he sought reconciliation and tolerance on humanitarian grounds, the plantation elite in the South remained adamant in their defense of slavery. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s administration was dedicated to abolition, which was deemed a cause worth fighting for in defense of the equality mantra upon which Lincoln wanted to build the cornerstone of American democracy. In 1862, Lincoln issued his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves while outlawing slavery and involuntary servitude under the auspices of the Twelfth Amendment. Following the Compromise of 1877, the war subsided as the Union subdued the Confederacy.

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Black soldiers fought bravely for their freedom nip and tuck with white, and noticeably changed balance of forces in the Civil War. It was not a surprise as their freedom was bet on. Black soldiers played a vital role in the Union victory, and their combat record influenced whites after the war to take the first steps toward racial equality (Barney W., p. 32).

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In the 1640’s power and politics were vital for social standard and anyone with power was important and respected so naturally and event such as the civil war would have had politics as one of the for happening.

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There was another movement (more liberal) that also was against slavery, but in contrast to the abolitionists it supported the idea of gradual slavery cessation. In the presidential election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln ran on a Republican platform of resistance to the expansion of slavery, and was elected with a narrow margin in the popular vote (Harpen R., Dal Lago E., p. 345). Proclamation of Lincoln’s course against slavery was the last straw, which caused Northern states to secede from the Union and unleash Civil War. The opening shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, facing Charleston: on April 12 (1861), southern soldiers attacked the federal garrison, and two days later the fort surrendered (Harpen R., Dal Lago E., p. 345). Although there may be other causes of Civil War, we can see that slavery was the primary one.

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On July 22 1863 Lincoln drafted an Emancipation Proclamation, according to which all slaves in areas under Confederate control would be proclaimed free on January I, 1863 … thus he permanently changed the nature and scope of the Civil War (Harpen R., Dal Lago E., p. 378). After Emancipation Proclamation northern forces mobilized blacks and organized separate black troops.

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Less than 100 years into countryhood, the United States ditched unity to go at each other's throats. And it turns out, it wasn't just the bloodfest of the century. The Civil War remains the deadliest and most destructive of all of America's wars, with 2% of the population being wiped out: that'd be a hefty 6 to 7 million people today.