Racism as Expression of Group Dominance

First, at risk of being misunderstood or misrepresented, I am a bit bemused at the flood of statements, remarks, exhortations, demands, tweets, posts, and declarations that certain groups must—must!—renounce, condemn, and otherwise harshly decry the words and deeds of the white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and related haters. It’s as if we GenXers and the Millennials nipping at our heels have never, in all of our many years in public schools and in various public settings, really heard or learned that racism is an evil, as it surely is. But, in fact, if there are any evils that approach the status of objective certainty in the eyes of the ordinary, younger American today, they are surely racism, sexism, and homophobia (and perhaps Islamophobia as well).

For some Americans, racism has never even crossed their minds.

Brah, Avtar. 1993. ''Difference, Diversity, Differentiation: Processes of Racialisation and Gender.'' In John Wrench and John Solomos, eds., Racism and Migration in Western Europe. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

I’m not even saying that the majority of America is racist....

Racism still exists in America today.

For an adolescent already searching for an established sense of self, this impression of being an outsider nationally due to an interracial background significantly affects the coming of age quest....

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The concept of institutional racism pertains to the discriminating effects of institutional rules and procedures that marginalize and exclude people from non-Western groups (Essed, 1993; Wilpert, 1993). Miles (1989: 84-87) points to two other forms of institutional racism. Racism is institutional when practices are institutionalized while the ideology is no longer explicitly articulated. A second form of institutional racism signaled by Miles occurs when the racist discourse has lost its explicit racist content but the original meaning is reflected in other words.

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In short, the Left has proven countless times it has no right to be taken seriously as the voice of moral goodness and social order. Quite the contrary. And yet there are those, even within the Church, who are happy to play the same hypocritical—and, alas, destructive—game of deflection, distraction, and obfuscation. And so, for example, Fr. James Martin, S.J, recently addressed to “Christian White Supremacists”, stating the following (I’ve combined the tweets into one statement here):

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The scientific literature about inequality according to class, gender and ethnic background discusses the ways in which different discourses relating to the production and reproduction of systems of social inequality are intermingled and have common characteristics. This is not only the case for contemporary discourse, but also for historical discourse. This intermingling, and the related reciprocal influences of different discourse, is referred to with the concept “articulation”. The scientific literature about class, gender and racial inequality has often pointed to this reciprocal intrication and to the parallels between different discourses related to the production and reproduction of inequality in society. [See among others Rattansi, 1994: 26, 61; Miles, 1989, 1993b; Brah, 1993; Hall, 1991: 171-180; Brittan and Maynard, 1984; Wolpe, 1986; Davis, 1983.] This is also applicable to historical studies.

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None of this should be surprising. The Left has worked with maniacal focus for decades to remake country, culture, and creed in the shape of an equality that is incoherent and a freedom that is inhuman. Yes, of course the neo-Nazis, racists, and white supremacists should be denounced and exposed for what they are and what they do. But they have not been the ones dominating the political classes, the media, the halls of higher education, and other key positions of power these past several decades. They are not the supposed joys and freedoms of the sexual revolution, abortion on demand, homosexuality, transgenderism, serial monogamy, cohabitation, and a hundred other sins and evils.