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pertinent knowledge concerning the crime, even though he hadnot actually seen it."(Lev 5:1), such as motive, opportunity, accomplices,overheard confessions, wiretaps, etc.; (2) physical evidence can also bearwitness, also ‘ d (Ex 22:13), such as bloody clothing, murder weapon, DNA,fingerprints, etc.; (3) written documents may serve as evidence and witness(‘ d or ‘ dah, Jos 25:25-27), such as a confession, documents showing motiveor implication, etc.; (4) monuments and memorial stones, such as gal-‘d in Gen 31:46-49, can also bear witness.

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(Elkiman 242) Young people turning to crime is result of a combination a bravado, hopelessness, access to firepower, and the allures of the drug market." (Elikann 241) What are the actions that society, and or the government, should take to keep our cou...

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‘A consideration of humanistic values, of an acceptance of the absolute moral worth of all human beings regardless of race, class, colour, creed, gender or sexuality is essential in responding to criminal behaviour. Without such a value base offenders are sure to be treated harshly in ways that undermine our own claim to be a civilised society.’

Discuss the validity of this quotation in relation to the discussion of capital punishment and prisons in the distance-learning unit and in related reading.

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(C.2);and finally, (9) Murderers are put to death, not based on the race or economicstatus of the victim or the murderer, but based upon death penalty statutes,the aggravated nature of and all specific circumstances of the crime, thecriminal background of the murderer, and the other specific factors mandatedby Supreme Court decisions.

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would not advocate criminal justice systems like that of Saudi Arabia,it is also very clear that the American criminal justice system fostersthe additional slaughter of its own innocent citizens.

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1995, The State of ViolentCrime in America, 1/96 and Criminal Victimization 1993 , BJS, 1995.) Thehuman rights of victims and future victims are consistently ignored.

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These large numbers of people were focused in small areas around British cities, and without the readiness of employment or occupation there was a high crime rate complemented by an ever-increasing population....

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Joseph Katz’ enforcement of the McCleskeymajority: "Statement to the Senate Subcommittee on the Judiciary Concerningthe Relationship Between Race and the Death Penalty" 10/2/89.