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Example quotation: According to Roger Sipher, a solution to the perceived crisis of American education is to "Abolish compulsory-attendance laws and allow only those who are committed to getting an education to attend" (par. 3).

If you quote dialogue between characters in a play, Writing Resources.

Effectively Using Direct Quotations ... and four or more typed lines, indent four spaces from the ... longer than 40 words, indent the quotation ... including quotes - UND: University of North Dakota ... misunderstand how to incorporate them into their writing and do more harm than good. ... Any quote which is longer than three lines must be "indented". How to Quote Prose - Dr. Mark Womack Here is a quick guide on how to quote prose according to the standards set by ... Format prose quotations that run more than four lines as block ... Writing Resources ... A Student's Guide to the Presentation of Essays: Quotations ... the more you must say about it to show what function it has in your essay ... Quotations. Prose. If your quotation is four ... of more than four lines ... MLA In Text Citations viii - Borough of Manhattan ... In Text Quotation of Poems and Plays in MLA Style ... QUOTING MORE THAN THREE LINES FROM A POEM Indent the poem one inch from the left margin. Literary Analysis Papers: How to use literary quotations Planning and Writing Research Papers; Quoting and Paraphrasing; ... but a general rule is to indent quotations that are more than two (or three) lines of verse or ... MLA: Using Sources Correctly - Welcome - Roane State ... Using Sources Correctly; ... You need to make each quote a part of your essay by introducing it beforehand and commenting ... quotations longer than four lines of ... how do you format a quote that is longer than 4 lines in MLA ... How do you format a quote that is longer than 4 lines in MLA format? ... Use when the quote is 4 or more typed, double spaced lines. ... Essay about Politics? How to Quote Shakespeare - Quotations You can quote Shakespeare to make your essays impressive. But, a quotation used in ... you will learn how to quote ... if your verse runs longer than four lines, ... How to Write a Long Quote in an Essay | eHow How to Write a Long Quote in an Essay. ... refers to quotes with more than 40 words ... calls a long quote that consists of more than four lines of prose or ...

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Along with the healing powers ascribed to Goula is a reference to a witch invading the marriage bed, possibly a reference to what is commonly known as hag-riding. David Hufford describes this experience as having the following features: waking during the night, hearing and/or seeing something come into the room and approach the bed, being pressed on the chest, strangled, or feeling suffocated, and being unable to move or cry out (1995: 12). According to Hufford's research, the attacker could be either male or female. His research was primarily carried out in Newfoundland, but he found that "what Newfoundlanders call the Old Hag comprises a cross-culturally stable experiential pattern underlying many belief traditions in widely separated places" (12). Hufford put hag-riding under the umbrella term of "supernatural assault traditions;" in the Cajun and Creole communities the tradition is known as cauchemar. A poem by Darrell Bourque picks up on some of the same terms when describing the experience written about by Hufford. He begins, "The children say it is mostly young Blacks here who are still caught by her. When she rides them, they all become victim, without voice to call for help, without legs to flee" (1994: 42). Whereas the assumption is that the majority of Hufford's informants from Newfoundland were white, the tradition of cauchemar seems to exist most strongly in Southwestern Louisiana among African-Americans and Creoles. Writing in 1961, Patricia Rickels states that accounts she recorded "demonstrate that the belief is still both wide-spread and deeply entrenched among the Negroes in the French-Catholic culture area of southwestern Louisiana (1). For the majority of her informants, the purpose of the cauchemar was to "scare Catholics who need to go to Communion," and they believed that the cauchemar is "the spirit of an unbaptized person who chokes you in the night" (9). According to one of Rickels' informants, the spirit or cauchemar takes the form of an old grey-haired woman (10), but in many of the accounts she records, the cauchemar is referred to as "him," bringing into question the supposed gender of the spirit. Her informants also saw a link between cauchemar and voodoo, and Rickels associates this with the African tradition of the loa, a spirit "which possesses a human being, though usually with his consent and when he is awake" (14). Rickels differentiates between the older and younger generations regarding the interpretation of cauchemar, saying that for the older generation the purpose of a visit is to "punish or to warn against wrong doing" whereas for the younger generation the experience is seen as lacking any real meaning (15).

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Sometimes you may have to use an indirect source. An indirect source is a source cited in another source. For such indirect quotations, use "qtd. in" to indicate the source you actually consulted. For example:

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Long and short prose quotes are acknowledged and cited as shown in the following examples:
Frankenstein’s creature comes to life “on a dreary night of November” (Shelley 57).
When Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein succeeds in bringing his creature to life, he realizes that his ambitions were reckless:

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With more and more scholarly work being posted on the Internet, you may have to cite research you have completed in virtual environments. While many sources on the Internet should not be used for scholarly work (reference the OWL's resource), some Web sources are perfectly acceptable for research. When creating in-text citations for electronic, film, or Internet sources, remember that your citation must reference the source in your Works Cited.