More importantly, I believe that being punctual is right.

410 Words Essay for kids on punctuality 222 Words Essay on Self- Help for kids;Punctuality means doing a thing at the previously designated or appointed time.

However during the Meiji Era, the punctuality started being introduced to the society.

Closer to home (and until such time that my ability to do so is hampered by sickness or physical immobility), I'll continue to strive to be strictly punctual.

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The elder people had difficulties in changing their habits to learn to be punctual.

See more.Punctuality - definition of punctuality by The Free DictionaryDefine punctuality.

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I still do. The fact is, lateness really bothers me − which is why it drives me up the wall when someone is unpunctual, be it family, friends, associates or those on my payroll.

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That's why I find it sad that in some cultures punctuality isn't even expected − never mind observed − and being late is deemed "fashionable."

I do not hold in high regard those who think it's okay to be routinely late.

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And that is probably why it's getting increasingly lonely for me, as well as those like me, here on Punctuality Street as our numbers continue to dwindle.

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The renowned and successful men in the world are known to be Write a Short Essay on Punctuality Sai Shruthi3 Ways to Be Punctual - wikiHow04/01/2017Â  User Reviewed How to Be Punctual.

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Behavioral Modification For A theory of virtue may be employed as an ethics of business. Behavioral Modification For Punctuality Psychology Essay. with reinforcement on punctuality will lessen the. including friendship or.