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This was the seventh annual UK Erasmus Student Prize Ceremony. David Hibler, Contract Manager for the Erasmus programme at the British Council said: “Erasmus is an excellent opportunity for UK students and the competition gives us all the chance to have a glimpse of the life-changing experiences that our ‘Erasmus Stars’ enjoy. Their essays and photographs provide an insight into the benefits of the programme and its impact on the lives of those who take part. As well as becoming more confident, self-reliant and better-prepared for their future careers, Erasmus students gain an international perspective that the classroom alone cannot offer. We hope their stories and images will encourage future students to experience Erasmus for themselves.”

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from Speech Day and Prize Giving 2014:

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A week of activities planned for Oral Health Week will come to a close on Friday October 11th with a prize giving ceremony.

Precreation is a must in any sector of life. Student life is also a life full of study. So every year all the schools arrange annual sports and prize giving ceremony. Through this ceremony, students become fresh minded and ready to study. The prize-giving ceremony and annual sports thus play an important role in bringing the refreshment among students and the teachers as well.

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As Part of Commonwealth Day celebrations which took place on Monday March 11th, a prize giving ceremony was held at the House of Assembly for the students who participated in the competitions that the House of Assembly initiated.

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This ceremony was very impressive to me. I think the ceremony took place this year, was the most interesting and successful with various types of events. The day of the ceremony became a festival for the locality. This year’s prize-giving ceremony in my school life is the last ceremony. So, I would never forget the day anymore.

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She is hoping that publication of her essay will “encourage more people to enter the competition in the future”, not least because the day of the prize-giving itself “was thoroughly enjoyable and highly interesting”.

Prize Giving Ceremony held as Part of Commonwealth Day

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