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Private schools are orderly and safe--the kind of setting necessary for students to learn. The Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), published by the National Center for Education Statistics, provides data on school safety and discipline. The following table, based on 1999-2000 SASS data, indicates the extent to which teachers think various behaviors are serious problems in their schools. (Source: Table 73, )

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I have attended public school and college all my life. Personally I would prefer a private school. Because my younger sister and brother go to private school and get better education than me. Private school has limited class and limited student. That’s why private school teacher can pay more attention toward the student than the public school. Also they pay more attention to student because they want to get better result and better reputation from the student. If parents can afford to get admit their children a private school. Personally I think this is a good decision for their children.

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Americans access health care services in a variety of ways — from private physicians’ offices, to public hospitals, to safety-net providers.

When it comes to challenging students to stretch their capacity, private schools do an exceptional job. Statistics from the College Board and NCES show that for high school seniors, 24.2 percent of private school students took AP exams in 1998, while 9.4 percent of public school students did so. Private schools, which account for only 7.5 percent of all high school students, produced 20 percent of 12th graders who took AP exams in 1998 and 22 percent of those who scored high enough to have the advanced courses count for college credit.

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I would defenently rather attend private high school and college. My sister goes to a private school and receives so much more attention both with grades and her classes and with college prep. Her school makes it much easier to succeed than my public school ever did.

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In February 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics released , which provides a comprehensive picture of the exposure of students and teachers to crime in schools. While the report's main focus is public schools, a few of its many charts and tables also extend to private schools. The charts below capture the major findings of the report that involve private schools.

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Think about freedom, and act on your thoughts. Spend yourdollars wisely. Oppose the expansion of state power. Promote"bottom-up" solutions to public problems, solutions that empowerindividuals rather than demanding intervention by force ofgovernment. Give to private charity. Join a libertarianorganization; the Libertarian Party, or the Advocates forSelf-Government, or the Reason Foundation. Start your own business;create wealth and celebrate others who create wealth. Supportvoluntary cooperation.

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Private school students scored well above the national average in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NAEP scores provide an immediate measure of student achievement, but the report also presents a long-term measure: attainment of a college degree. "[S]tudents who had attended private school in 8th grade were twice as likely as those who had attended public school to have completed a bachelor's or higher degree by their mid-20s (52 versus 26 percent)."