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There are five different characteristics in a bureaucracy: clear levels, with assignments flowing downward and accountability flowing upward, a division of labor, written rules, written communications and records, and impersonality and replaceability (Henslin, 2012).

 Bureaucracies are technically encompassed under the executive branch of government.

In spite of the merit system, hiring in federal agencies remains political, especially at the middle and upper levels. An agency can hire a particular individual on a name-request basis, giving rise to the buddy system. This practice allows the maintenance of issue networks based on shared policy views; bureaucrats in consumer-protection agencies, for example, may hire people from Naderite groups. The end-product of the recruitment and reward structure is that most bureaucrats become quite comfortable in their position and defensive about their agency, adopting an agency point of view.

One of the methods is the new public management....

Bureaucracies are technically encompassed under the executive branch of government....

Many of these are kinds of problems that give rise to the everyday sense that bureaucracy equals red tape, a needless waste and pedantic obsession with rules.

This post is about the other class of bureaucrats who ..

We see companies like Nucor, the world’s most profitable steel company, that are far more decentralized than their competitors. Another example would be Svenska Handelsbanken in Sweden. As Europe’s most profitable large bank, Svenska has a tiny head office and hugely empowered local branches. Another post-bureaucratic exemplar is Haier, the Chinese appliance maker. Haier, a 50,00-person company, has divied itself into into 4,000 micro enterprises, and has only three organizational levels.

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Congress has a forn-ddable array of powers todeal with the bureaucracy. First, congressional statutes establishthe existence of an agency and occasionally specify in detail howagencies should behave. Lately, however, Congress has given broaddiscretion to agencies. Second, money must be authorized and thenappropriated by Congress. The agency is thus beholden to thelegislative committee that authorizes funds and to the AppropriationsCommittee of the House.

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Second of all, it is possible to bust bureaucracy. As human beings, we’re pretty good at rallying around problems when they become urgent and inescapable, even if we don’t have good role models. Luckily though, we have many examples of companies that have escaped the curse of bureaucracy.

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The organizational shape of the Post Office was more or less fixed in theadministration of Andrew Jackson. The Postmaster General, almost alwaysappointed because of his partisan position, was aided by three (later four)assistant postmaster generals dealing with appointments, mail-carryingcontracts, operations, and finance. There is no reason in theory why such anorganization could not deliver the mails efficiently and honestly: The task isroutine, its performance is measurable, and its value is monitored by millionsof customers. Yet the Post Office, from the earliest years of the 19th century,was an organization marred by inefficiency and corruption. The reason is oftenthought to be found in the making of political appointments to the Post Office."Political hacks," so the theory goes, would inevitably combinedishonesty and incompetence to the disservice of the nation; thus, by cleansingthe department of such persons these difficulties could be avoided. Indeed,some have argued that it was the advent of the "spoils system" underJackson that contributed to the later inefficiencies of the public bureaucracy.