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In an examination, give yourself ten minutes to plan, and five minutes to check, your answer. You will have to work quickly in the examination, but it is worth planning carefully when you are practising essays.

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As a history major and an urban studies and planning minor at UCSD, I began to learn about the history and theory of cities. In addition, I took many classes relating to the growth and change of cities and communities through time. Specifically, a course on the history of Los Angeles and another on San Diego community research inspired my imagination about the impact that a planner can have on a community.

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The ability to write a good essay begins with careful and efficient planning

The late afternoon sunshine seeped through the cracks in the garage as I situated myself among piles of boxes, old clothes and a heap of power-tools. It was my sophomore year in college at UC — San Diego, and I had come home for the weekend to find some newspaper articles for a paper on downtown redevelopment for my urban studies class. Shuffling through the piles of clippings, I found one of the articles I had been searching for. The edges were bent, and the newspaper had faded to an ivory-yellow, but the headline still boldly read: “A Last Farewell to Donnelly’s.” Donnelly’s was the bar my grandfather owned in Iowa City for 40 years until the mid 1970s, when a downtown redevelopment project forced the bar to be shut down. To those who frequented it, the bar was more than a place to go to relax on a Saturday evening. It was a citizen of the city — as important a part of the community as anyone who lived there. I knew then, staring at the worn photograph and article, that planning was my passion.