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A trench 250 yards long was dug and lined with straw. Wooden railway sleepers were then laid across the straw followed by cows with pigs placed in between. This whole site was then covered with 2 feet of straw, sprayed with 600 gallons of diesel and lit. The fire lit the day and night sky for 2 days and at the end only ash remained.

Auschwitz I, the original camp, was established in 1939 to hold Polish political prisoners.

American railcars are substantially larger than European railcars. If 100 Jews had been trapped in each railway car, 6 million could have been killed in just one year at the Texas-Mexico border. It would have been technically achievable. It never happened because there was no desire to do anything like that in Texas, or in Europe. The holocaust gassing claims really are a monstrous Jewish hoax!.

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The Museum's collections database contains more than 270,000 records, including:

“I followed him (her neighbor, who was a member of the local police) and, since he knew my mother very well, he didn’t do me any harm. On arriving near the pit, this neighbor had the Jews stand at its edge and shot at them with his submachine gun. If there were any children among them, he lifted them, held them by their feet and knocked their head against a tree. I remained only a few meters behind him all the while.”

The following quote about Ameriican Gas executions is from:

HELLSTORM The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich (Sheridan, Colorado: Aberdeen Books, 2010), 376 pages, is an excellent, well-written book about the horrors and madness that befell Germany during WW2, especially in the final months. The mass rapes and murders inflicted by the Russians are well-known. Goodrich, however, spends much time and space on the abuses, rapes, looting and murders and many other crimes perpetrated by GI's. In other words, the book is politically incorrect (PI?) but invaluable to anyone who wants to understand what was really happening, especially to ordinary Germans. The book is also notable for its absence of the now, almost obligatory repetition of holocaust atrocity propaganda. For Goodrich, it seems the GI's were not the “greatest generation” but possibly the “worst.” From page 344: Goodrich has, at the very least, helped break the walls of silence.

Cyanide chambers are also used at the Quarantine Station, New York.”

(YouTube video) Although the speech is by an Iraq war veteran, the lessons apply just as well to America's two insane world wars against Germany.

From Mackenzie page 12 we have the following:

In short, we, the black and the white, deeply need each other here if we are really to become a nation—if we are really, that is, to achieve our identity, our maturity, as men and women. To create one nation has proved to be a hideously difficult task; there is certainly no need now to create two, one black and one white. But white men with far more political power than that possessed by the Nation of Islam movement have been advocating exactly this, in effect, for generations. If this sentiment is honored when it falls from the lips of Senator Byrd, then there is no reason it should not be honored when it falls from the lips of Malcolm X. And any Congressional committee wishing to investigate the latter must also be willing to investigate the former. They are expressing exactly the same sentiments and represent exactly the same danger. There is absolutely no reason to suppose that white people are better equipped to frame the laws by which I am to be governed than I am. It is entirely unacceptable that I should have no voice in the political affairs of my own country, for I am not a ward of America; I am one of the first Americans to arrive on these shores.