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The maturity of some adults is
worse than those of teenagers.
Riley Hughes
Those with the viewpoint of enabling the curfew seem to believe this will keep teenagers out of trouble.

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The disposition of a case (sentencing) is the focus of this lesson from the LegalWays Curriculum. It includes a description of the process and the options open to the court. In the “You Decide” activity, students serve as the judge and determine what the sentence will be in a hypothetical case. They are asked to provide the reasons for their decision. The final activity has students participating in a “Youth Forum” to consider the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system. Suggested guiding questions are included. This forum provides an excellent opportunity to invite local juvenile justice stakeholders including prosecution and defense lawyers, judges, corrections employees, treatment professionals, victims, families, law enforcement, etc. The questions provided are adaptations of questions considered by policy makers and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

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A series of eight lessons on voting. Students discuss information, read from a variety of sources, collect images, articles, and other things they can use to create a graffiti wall about voting. They create a chart listing what they know about the current election and how they know it, then examine the chart to determine which items are fact and which are opinion. They explore the history of voting and voting rights and create a timeline of voting history.