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Here are the elements of persuasive essays:
• An introduction.
• Body paragraphs.
• Conclusion.

Drafting Your Essay
Persuasive Essay
Writing Persuasively
Choose a strong, defendable stance for your thesis statement.

Relegates minorities “helpless”.

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In writing, we must be more careful in evoking emotions. Remember that emotions surrounding an important issue are always lurking just below the surface. Recognize these emotions and try to evoke those that can reinforce your persuasive efforts. Every culture has its core values – values which always evoke strong emotions. Think of President Obama’s speeches and how effectively he moved audiences to his cause by evoking the powerful emotions Americans value so highly: justice, democracy, freedom, security, family… Just reciting these values evokes a strong response. Well, companies have core values too – service, growth, value, tradition, trust… By referencing them in support of your proposal, you can help generate a powerful and positive emotional response to your appeal. Strong leaders are never afraid of demonstrating their commitment to the ideas they’re promoting. Simply put, this is why, if you want to look like a leader, you have to act like one. Like I said, it sounds simple.

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Although in his article Robert only uses a few examples, he asserts his theory in a very persuasive manner....

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Persuasion depends on three basic “appeals”: credibility, emotion and logic. This was news about 2000 years ago, when Aristotle defined these appeals as: ethos, pathos and logos (the three Greek musketeers of persuasion). Though they’re now somewhat more refined and sophisticated, they’re still serviceable today because human nature (sadly) hasn’t really changed much in the intervening years. To be persuasive you have to use at least one, and preferably all three of these appeals – and notice that two of the three are emotional appeals: