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The setting of this novel, a preparatory school in New Hampshire known as Devon, creates a peaceful environment where World War will not corrupt the boys.

Peace research began as a response to World War II and the publics concern about a nuclear war.

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Peace education has also been referred to as teaching the world order approach.

Educators have an important part to play in working for peace. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, said:”It is not enough to teach children to read, write and converse. We must teach them to have respect for themselves, for others and for the world in which we live.” Children need to learn ways to be respectful to each other wherever they are. They can create posters and share their plans for peace-making. Reach out across lines of color, class and creed and demonstrate that peace is possible. Teach children ways to be civil and respectful in their relationships. Plan activities to learn about and share their efforts at peace-making. Plan a celebration to share how they are working for peace and harmony. (Do a Google Search for World Peace Day 2013.)

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Several characters in this novel undergo changes, both positive and negative, as a result of the shift from a peaceful summer session at the Devon School, to the reality of World War II.

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Such a situation although it marks the end of fighting, cannot be given the name peace; on the contrary it is precisely that adaptation that constitutes the true moral tragedy of war.” (Montessori, 5)

The idea of negative peace is exactly what Maria Montessori spoke of.

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During the novel, World War II is raging and at the peaceful Devon School for boys there is a gloom knowing that many of the students and their friends could be drafted for the war at any time....

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The Goi Peace Foundation is dedicated to fostering a sustainable
and harmonious global society by promoting consciousness,
values and wisdom for creating peace, and by building cooperation
among individuals and organizations across diverse fields,
including education, science, culture and the arts.

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In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene starts off as an innocent boy unsure of his feelings towards his friend Finny but as the book progresses Gene soon comes to realize he’s living under Finny’s shadow with a least amount of sense of knowing who he is as a person.