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I believe basketball is a get away from the difficult things in life. Anytime I feel stressed or need to get away, I turn to basketball. Basketball helps me believe in myself and I can take my mind off anything while I’m playing. All you have on the basketball court is yourself and your team nothing else is needed. For hours your mind isn’t focused on anything other than having fun and enjoying the game. Basketball can solve difficulties and problems between people. It is a game of skill, compromise and opportunity. Basketball isn’t just a game, it makes me realize who I really am as a person in this world. Basketball helps me understand others and their choices. I believe basketball can help others get along better, get a better understanding of each other and get through life understanding that together we can make things happen.

Schlink also uses their relationship to showcase the form of love they possess for one another....

This is confirmed by Sarah Munson Deats as cited by film critic Patricia Tatspaugh in her essay, “The Tragedies of Love on Film,” in which Deats is quoted, “This (Zeffirelli's) film was intended for the counter-cult...

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Bob Marley wrote and sang about love just like hundreds of people before him.

Do you have a friend who loves you? Well, I do. Her name is Linh. She is a vary close friend to me. Linh has always stuck with me through good times and bad times.
I have known her since we studied 6th grade. The first day I saw her, I was impressed by the kindness and friendliness she is. She would always beside me whenever I had problem and give for me a lot of advice. I can’t hide any secret from her, and neither can she. Every day, she would pick me up to school and stay at my house after class. We would help each other in homework; she would help me with literature that is her strong suit, and I would help her with math in turn. Once in a while, she would give me some fruit and juice that she made by herself. No matter how we far we are now, we still keep in touch with each other. Somebody has told to me if a friendship last longer than seven years, it will last a lifetime. Hopefully, it’s right to us, and we will keep our friendship forever.
My definition of true friendship is someone who sticks around when things get tough. I’m thankful I’ve met Linh and I hope our friendship lasts forever.

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I will tell them that I wish for them a love like I have for their father. I will tell them that they are my children, and they deserve both to love and be loved like that. I will tell them to settle for nothing less than what they saw when they looked at me, looking at him.

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At first glance "The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" can seem to be a nice piece of pastoral frippery. Considering that it was written, probably, in Marlowe's late adolescence, and if read as a superficial exercise in the practice of a very old form of poetry, it can seem to be light and insubstantial. But any studied analysis of the poem reveals its depth; the poem can be read as containing irony (as written by an urbane man who longed for the city rather than the country, and thus constructed impossible rustic scenarios), serious and heartfelt emotion, a slight political commentary, a gentle sadness, and a transcendent love of nature. Good poetry is often many things to different readers, and Marlowe was able to create, within a codified (and one might say ossified) form of poetry a piece of clever and flexible Elizabethan verse. The Shepherd may not have been real, but the emotions and effects created by this poem have their own reality.

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I wish some learned sociologist would publish a definitive study of marriages where the parents are desperately, ardently in love, where the parents love each other even more than they love the children. It would be wonderful if it could be established, once and for all, that the children of these marriages are more successful, happier, live longer and have healthier lives than children whose mothers focus their desires and passions on them.